LoctFast Shingles History of Roofing

The History of Roofing featured roofing product of today is LoctFast Asphalt Shingles. Manufactured by Eggers Asphaltum Roofing Company in St. Paul Minnesota around the 1920’s. It is called a locking shingle because of its unique shape and notches that interlock at the corners creating a contiguous roofing system. These early styles ...


Roofers Lingo

Terms the roofers use some times can be confusing and very frustrating to understand. As you schedule meeting to get estimates from roofers you will notice some estimators use almost, what sounds like, a foreign language. Terms like Hot Mop it, Torch a Bitumen Roll, Paint the Flashings, Cut the Hips, ...


Q & A - Contractor Bond, What is it?

Does my roofer need a bond to work on my roof? John from California asked, "Does my roofer need a bond to work on my roof?" In California, a roofing contractor is required to have a bond to get a license. A quick search of the California State License Board website using ...


History of Roofing - American Asphalt Shingles

In the 1930s there was an asphalt shingle and roofing manufacturer in East Saint Louis called Old American. It was a division of American Asphalt of Kansas City. In those years it was common to make shingles using rags. Yes, common rags were shredded and chopped into small pieces then blown ...

gone fishin

Roofing or Fishing What Do You Do?

Some days a guy just has to get away and do something fun. As the year of roofing grinds down and the rainy days produce some time off, a well deserved day on the river or lake can be just what we need to recharge our batteries. So get out the ...


AskARoofer What is it? Tool #8

What is it? This is a tool I purchased a few years ago off eBay and was listed as a shingle gauge. Me being interested in older roofing related tools, I bought it. Once I received in the mail, I tried to figure out what it was and how it was ...


AskARoofer - What is it? #7

This is a picture of my daughter a few years ago holding a “what is it” out in front of my shop. It is a part of a system that is installed on all kinds of roofs, all over the world. Do you have any idea what it is? Answer Have a ...


Creating a Solar Roof Using Glass Shingles

In a small Northern California town, called Grass Valley, I found this glass roof several years ago. I was fascinated by how the maker has used glass, as shingles, to provide a wonderful waterproof roof for a greenhouse. This glass roof can be called the ultimate solar roof, the direct sunlight ...

mobile homes

Q & A - Cement Tile on a Mobile Home, BAD IDEA

Can I put cement tiles on a single wide mobile home and be ok? Kurt asked, "I bought a mobile home, the roof measures about 12 ft. x 68 ft. on one side and the same on the other side. I need to put new shingles on it and have ...


Solar Powered Attic Fans

How to beat the summer heat! Well, here we are in the middle of July and the heat of the summer, like it or not, is here. Not only are we suffering from the heat but those electric bills are now burning hot also. What can you do? Standing in front ...

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