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DaVinci Curb Appeal

National Curb Appeal Month Checklist for Homeowners

Looking for a way to increase the value of your home? Whether you want to enhance your home’s beauty for your long-term enjoyment or boost the value of your home to put it on the market, it’s important to keep curb appeal top of mind. That’s because first impressions count. Indeed, curb ...

GAF Algae Fighting Shingles

Roof Stains are a Thing of the Past With GAF Algae Fighting Shingles

By Don Kilcoyne for GAF. Algae fighting breakthroughs mean your roof will stay beautiful indefinitely. As a homeowner, you know that special feeling of pride in seeing the rich textures and precise colors of a beautifully-installed new roof. It ties all of your other design choices together. It symbolizes ...

DECRA Metal Roof Misconceptions

5 Metal Roof Misconceptions

By DECRA Metal Roofing. The truth about those metal roof myths you have heard. If you’ve ever mentioned wanting to get a metal roof, you’ve probably heard someone say in response, “But don’t they make your house hotter?” or “What about when it rains?” When it comes to roofing materials, ...

Storm Residential Roof Types

Assessing the Top 3 Residential Roof Types

By Storm Recovery Experts. Pros and cons of the Hip Roof, Gable Roof and Flat Roof and which roof type is the best across the board. From curb appeal to protecting your home, a roof serves a purpose. It is important to know the ins and outs that come with ...

All Points Tile Tile Identification

Tile Identification Helps You Solve the Puzzle of Finding Matching Replacements

By Cass Jacoby, RCS Reporter. All Points Tile and Slate provides free tile identification to save you from misidentifying your tile replacements. Whether you are uncertain because you made the choice decades ago or you just moved into a home and have noticed a few missing tiles, identifying the ...

Malarkey Shingles Approve Air Quality

A Breath of Fresh Air: These Shingles Help Improve Air Quality

By Cass Jacoby, RCS Reporter. The industry's first shingle with smog-reducing granules means each roof has the pollution-fighting potential of two trees! Smog is a significant form of air pollution. It happens when UV light interacts with chemicals in the atmosphere released from things like burning fuel. As a gas, ...

Owens Corning Working with Red Brick

Working With Red Brick in Exterior Design

By Cass Jacoby. How to stop worrying and love the exterior design cues coming from the red brick on your home. Handling red brick in the exterior design can be tricky. If you own a home with red brick, you are probably familiar with how frustrating it can be to ...

IRE Storm Damage

Maintaining Roof Appearance with Algae Protection

By Cass Jacoby, RCS Reporter. Give your roof proper algae armor and you will never see those black streaks again. You may have googled it before: What are those ugly black streaks and dark spots on my roof? Is it dirt? Soot? Those black streaks are actually algae. Dew on ...

PABCO Signature Cut Shingles

Signature Cut Shingles With an Impactful Design

By PABCO. These diamond-shaped shingles offer a completely unique option for your out-of-the-ordinary home. Do you get excited when you pass by a house that looks like it belongs in a fairy tale or a history textbook? Are you always looking for new ways to make your home truly and ...

MRA Weather in Alberta, Canada

Metal Roof Takes on Extreme Weather of Alberta, Canada

By Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA). When an asphalt roof was unable to keep up with the temperature fluctuations, Canadian couple replaced roof with a material as tough as they are. The project Alberta experiences some of the more extreme weather conditions. Located in “hailstorm alley,” during the summer ...

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