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Quarrix Best Roof for Climate

What Roof is Best for my Climate?

By Quarrix.  How to find the right roofing materials suited to your climate.  If you were to take a road trip across America, you can see for yourself that we get just about every kind of weather. The U.S. is a huge country and has a variety of climates; coast to coast the weather oscillates from cold and dry to hot and humid. When it comes ...

RCS Q&A Vents

Q&A – Does Having Gable End Vents Work Against Soffit Vents and a Ridge Vent?

After getting conflicting advice, Romeo turned to the experts to resolve his gable end vent problems.  Homeowner Romeo Carsello from New Jersey had these questions concerning gable end vents:  “I'm getting conflicting advice. Does having gable end vents (one of which has a gable end fan) work against soffit vents and a ridge vent. ...

RCS 110 Year old Gutters

Q&A – What Gutter Lining Will Preserve 110-year-old Gutters?

A homeowner in Virginia wanted to know the best way to preserve the gutters on her 1910 home.   April Jackson, a homeowner in Virginia, asked:   “I have a home built 1910 and it has built in gutters is there a lining that can be put in and preserve these gutters?”  Our resident expert roofer, John Stout ...

RCS Should you Replace your Roof?

Should You Replace Your Roof?

By Cass Jacoby.  Warning signs that your roof is damaged and it is time to call in the professionals.   Roof damage happens. Be it that your roof has lived a full life or something like extreme weather has damaged your roof, fixing it is crucial to having a sturdy roof overhead. Understanding the signs of ...

RCS Q&A Equipment to Lift Heavy Loads

Q&A – What Type of Equipment Should Be Used to Lift Heavy Loads?

Faced with restrictions for material deliveries in South America, Albert asks for recommendations to lift heavy loads of tile, OSB sheets and rafters.  Albert Bragagnini from British Columbia, Canada had these questions regarding a tile roofing project in South America:  “Hi there, Got a ceramic tile roofing renovation project in South America of a 70-year-old roof on a 2nd floor ...

RCS What Type of Roof

Q&A - What Type of Roof is This?

After encountering a unique roof in the neighborhood, Kelsey reached out to the experts to learn more.  Kelsey Rodriguez from Portland, Oregon asked:  I saw this roof in the neighborhood and had never seen anything like it. Is this a certain style or have a certain use?  Our Portland area roofing experts had this ...

RCS What does Slate Roofing Cost?

Q&A – What Does Slate Roofing Cost?

After having a beautiful slate-colored roof installed on their home in Toronto, Rosie asks how much slate roofing typically costs.  Homeowner Rosie Robins from Toronto, Canada asked:  My house construction was going on in Toronto. It was a two-story house. When the structure of the ground floor and top floor got over, it was time to ...

RCS Shingles Coming Up

Q&A – Why Are the Shingles Coming Up?

After identifying a leak and shingles lifting off the roof of his church, Steve asks what causes this and how to make sure it doesn’t happen again.  Steve Lowder in North Carolina had these questions about the roof on his congregation’s church:  I'm asking this for our church...the Sanctuary was built 15 years ago.  It is a 9/12 roof, too steep ...

Sashco Caulk

Your Silicone Questions Answered

By Sashco.  Will your new caulk stick to silicone? How do you know if you need to re-caulk or remove silicone?   Your caulk won’t stick to silicone, in fact nothing sticks to silicone. Silicone doesn’t even stick to itself. That’s the short answer to at least one of your questions, however, here at Sashco we enjoy diving deeper into these topics. ...

RCS TPO, PVC, or Torchdown

Q&A – TPO, PVC or Torchdown?

After multiple leaks on a low-slope section of his roof, Joseph asks advice about which roofing system is his best option moving forward.  Homeowner Joseph Manu from Washington asked:  “We have a situation where our builder installed shingles (IKO Cambridge) on a very low slope section of our roof (1/12 pitch) and we had multiple roof leaks as ...

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