Questions and Answers

RCS Flue Pipe

Q&A – Where Does the Flue Pipe Cap Go?

A Florida homeowner wanted to confirm the placement of his newly installed furnace flue pipe cap. A homeowner in Florida, Robert J., had this question about a newly installed furnace flue pipe cap: Recently I had a new furnace flue pipe cap put on. It goes inside the pipe ...

RCS Replace New Ventilation?

Q&A – Replace New Ventilation?

After his home was reroofed and he started having mold problems, Charles reached out for a remedy. Charles, a homeowner in Pennsylvania asked: I have lived in my home since 1993 and never had a problem with mold in my attic. I just had my home re-roofed only to find ...

RCS Asphalt Shingle

Q&A – Solution Percentage for Asphalt Shingle Cleaning

Wanting to start a roof cleaning business, a homeowner in Canada asks for advice concerning Sodium Hypochlorite and asphalt shingles. Homeowner Lyndon from Newfoundland, Canada asked: “What is the strongest Sodium Hypochlorite percentage recommended when cleaning asphalt shingles? My wife and I want to start a business cleaning roof stains.” ...

RCS Rolled Roof

Q&A – Should My Rolled Roof Have Been Tarped?

After having her rolled roof tarped, which she heard should never be done, Gloria asks for input. Gloria, a homeowner in Virginia, asked: “I have been told that a rolled roof should never be tarped until it is replaced. My roof has a 2.09 pitch and has been tarped until ...

RCS Box Vents

Q&A – Do Gable Vents Work With Box Vents?

Homeowners in Michigan are getting ready to replace their roof and are curious about their ventilation needs. Analisa, a homeowner in Michigan, had these questions regarding gable vents and box vents: “We are replacing our roof. Our current attic ventilation consists of two large gable vents and many soffit vents ...

Go Roof Tune Up TU Max Exposed

Q&A – TU Max Exposed for 180 Days

A Florida homeowner was curious about the risks of TU Max being exposed more than 180 days and what the remedy might be. Philip, a homeowner in Florida, had this question regarding TU Max: “What is the down side or risk if TU Max is exposed more than 180 days ...

RCS Is your roof ready for Solar

Is Your Roof Ready for Solar?

By Cass Jacoby. These three questions will help you decide if your roof is ready for solar. Demand for solar energy has been steadily increasing over the years, with interest in solar installations jumping to 21% in the first few months of 2020, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance ...

Quarrix Best Roof for Climate

What Roof is Best for my Climate?

By Quarrix. How to find the right roofing materials suited to your climate. If you were to take a road trip across America, you can see for yourself that we get just about every kind of weather. The U.S. is a huge country and has a variety of climates; coast ...

RCS Q&A Vents

Q&A – Does Having Gable End Vents Work Against Soffit Vents and a Ridge Vent?

After getting conflicting advice, Romeo turned to the experts to resolve his gable end vent problems. Homeowner Romeo Carsello from New Jersey had these questions concerning gable end vents: “I'm getting conflicting advice. Does having gable end vents (one of which has a gable end fan) work against soffit vents ...

RCS 110 Year old Gutters

Q&A – What Gutter Lining Will Preserve 110-year-old Gutters?

A homeowner in Virginia wanted to know the best way to preserve the gutters on her 1910 home. April Jackson, a homeowner in Virginia, asked: “I have a home built 1910 and it has built in gutters is there a lining that can be put in and preserve ...

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