Maintaining Your Roof

Northern Arizona Power of Proper Maintenance

The power of proper maintenance

By Northern Arizona Roof Services. Your roof can often slip into out of sight, out of mind, but it is vital to not overlook its maintenance needs. Most things in life need to be maintained. From checking your car’s oil to doing the dishes, staying on top of these things ...

Armour 3 reasons you might have water spots

3 reasons you might have water spots

By Armour Roof Co. Ever notice the brown spots on the ceiling of your commercial building? Learn from the roofing experts why they happen! Water spots on a ceiling can come from a variety of sources. Identifying the cause can be important to understanding what’s going on behind the scenes ...

Elite Earthquake roofing safety: How to shake it off

Earthquake roofing safety: How to shake it off

By Elite Roofing. Here are 5 reasons you should have your roof inspected after an earthquake to ensure it is safe and sound. Earthquakes are nerve-wracking and literally ground-shaking events that can be stressful both during and after the fact. You and your loved one's safety is always the highest ...

Division 7 Caring for your roof matters

Why caring for your roof matters

By Division 7 Roofing. Understand how comprehensive roof maintenance is crucial for commercial properties. It's common for people to focus on interior enhancements, yet a strong roof is fundamental to a commercial property’s longevity. Regular roof inspections and maintenance are necessary to prevent potential leaks and structural damage, allowing businesses ...

Orca Invest in Roof Protection

Invest in your roof’s protection

By Orca Roofing & Exteriors. Learn how an ice and water shield can protect you and your home, both physically and fiscally. A roof is more than shingles and a wooden roof deck, it’s a complex system that is your home’s first and strongest defense against the elements. This system ...

Royalty Roof Clean Bill of Health

Ensure your roof has a clean bill of health!

By Royalty Roofing. From saving money to surviving the elements, a clean roof is more than just for looks. Keeping your roof clean is a great way to make sure your home looks put together and maintain its curb appeal. But there are other benefits that are deeper than appearances. ...

Quarve Underdecking for Summer

3 reasons to pay attention to your underdecking

By Robert Collins, Quarve Contracting. Set up a supportive base to build your summer memories on! The warm months are the perfect time to enjoy your deck with family and friends, but that fun can’t be had if the structure supporting you isn't solid. This is an area many people ...

Gunner Roofing Tree Management 101

Tree management 101: We’re yelling timber!

By Connor Amann, Gunner Roofing. Keep your roof safe while still enjoying the beauty of trees with these management tips! Trees offer a multitude of benefits to a property, including aesthetic beauty and environmental benefits such as providing habitat for wildlife and shade for cooling. However, having trees on your ...

KARNAK - SM - Coated Roof

The circle of life — Roofing edition!

By KARNAK. Dive into the stages a roof goes through over the course of time and how to balance maintenance and replacements to keep the roof healthy and performing well for as long as possible. Roofing is a big investment for people and one that they want to last ...

Instant Roofer Say yes to Roof Replacement

Say yes to your roof replacement

By Dani Sheehan. With this cutting-edge AI-driven technology, homeowners can find instant pricing, trusted contractors and the peace of mind to make a confident purchase. Replacing your roof is already a big investment. When you start looking at averages and attempt to plan for the big day, costs ...

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