Maintaining Your Roof

Central Roofing University of Minnesota

University of Minnesota Goes Back to School With Roofing Preventive Inspection Program

The Preventive Maintenance Inspections program is designed so that every foot of each rooftop is inspected, evaluated and reported on each year. Seven years before Minnesota achieved statehood, the University of Minnesota was founded. Now celebrating its 170th anniversary, the public school has more than 280 buildings on its Twin Cities campus—more than ...

Guardian Winter Roof Concerns

Beware of These Winter Roof Concerns

By Guardian Home Services.  Here is a list of common roof issues that can happen over the winter and when to call a professional.   Even the best laid roofs will encounter problems at some point. You will have to call a professional roof repair service for a number of common problems, and it is ...

MRA Love Your Roof Week

2021 “Love Your Roof” Week: 7 Tips for Homeowners to Better Care for Their Roof

MRA dedicates the week of March 22 as the time to give roofs the love attention they deserve.  There’s no doubt about it: a home’s roof performs an invaluable service. When kept in tiptop shape, it protects, makes a home perform better, saves energy and increases curb appeal and home values.  For ...

Guardian Care for Your Roof

3 Ways to Care for Your Roof

By Guardian Roofing.  Learn the best ways you can help maintain your roof’s longevity.  Your roof serves as the first line of defense against inclement weather, protecting your family and property from the elements. It can last for decades, keeping you safe and dry, when it’s properly installed and maintained. Since natural wear and tear is common ...

GCP Protect Homes from Mother Nature

3 Steps to Protect Homes From Mother Nature

By GCP Applied Technologies.  Learn the three key areas to have examined in order to properly waterproof building projects.  Weather events are unlike what they used to be, which is no secret.  Now, a quality building means it needs to be built for all weather conditions. No matter where a home is located, it needs to ...

IKO Keep Your Tile Roof Looking its Best

How to Keep Your Tile Roof Looking Its Best

By ICP Building Solutions Group.  Periodic cleaning helps your roof maintain its attractive appearance and protect the tiles from cracking and splitting.    A tile roof can be a thing of beauty—an impressive bit of curb appeal that sets your home or building apart from the neighbors’.  In order to keep your tile roof looking its ...

Snow on roof

How to Maintain Your Roof During Winter

By Oklahoma Roofing Contractors Association.  Follow the seven tips below to keep your roof operating at peak performance through the winter months.  Winter means colder temperatures and spending more time indoors. Will your roof support your home through the season?  Maintaining your roof is a year-round project, but it is especially important during the winter months. Snow, ice, wind and freezing temperatures all come ...

cleaning gutters

9 Tips for Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance

By Lauren White, RCS Assistant Editor.  Get your gutters ready for the rainy and snowy winter season ahead with these pointers.  In preparation for the stormy winter months ahead, gutter cleaning and repair should be a homeowner’s top priority.  Below are nine ways to keep your gutters clean, allow water to flow freely through your gutter system, and keep your roof ...


Home Inspection Checklist: Focus on the Roof

By GCP Applied Technologies. You can extend the life of your roof if you know the factors involved and understand the importance of underlayments. When you think about it, a roof has to battle a lot of enemies… Ultraviolet rays Rain Wind Snow Ice​ Warning signs indicating a roof is in trouble Outside: Shingles that are warped, blistered, missing or ...


Simple Steps for Easy Metal Roof Maintenance

By Metal Roofing Alliance. Metal roofs are extremely low maintenance only requiring basic care for added curb appeal and performance. Summer will be here before we know it. Right now, homeowners are tackling their list of improvement projects that can be completed while also sheltering in place. And many are turning towards ...

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