Solar Powered Attic Fans

July 22, 2013 at 12:00 a.m.

How to beat the summer heat!

Well, here we are in the middle of July and the heat of the summer, like it or not, is here. Not only are we suffering from the heat but those electric bills are now burning hot also. What can you do? Standing in front of the fan like this guy won’t fix the problem.

There are many ways to make your life more comfortable in this heat but, that can cost lots of money. Installing a whole-house fan or increasing your attic insulation to R- 38 or more is a great way to cool down the home but can cost a small fortune upfront. One key factor in saving energy costs is to cool down the attic space.

On hot days your attic space if not ventilated can get upwards of 170 degrees. This dead air space is trapped air that heats up the inside of your home. By reducing the temperature in the attic space, it will lessen the burden placed on the air conditioning system to keep your home cool and can save you money.

solar powered attic fan One example of a solar powered fan. There are many.

There are many ways to ventilate the attic. Dormer vents, ridge vents, soffit vents, and gable vent work well and are a hot topic right now, { hee ~ hee get it, “hot topic” }.

Today, I want to share my use of solar power ventilators. Solar-powered fans are installed in the roof and powered by the sun, and that is free for the taking. The nice thing about these exhaust fans is, you only need one hole in the roof to have a great system since these units are mechanically forcing the air out of the attic. Dormer vents and others need multiple installations to perform. In a few minutes, a solar-powered fan can move a lot of that hot air out of the attic and draw fresh cooler air in. This keeps the attic cooler and the need for running the AC reduced.

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Jody T
May 29, 2014
I think solar attic fans are the way to go here. We got ours installed and the electricity savings pretty much offsets the cost.

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