Low Slope Roofing

RCS  Roofing vs Recoating

Reroofing Verses Recoating

By Cass Jacoby, RCS Reporter.   Pros and cons in the ongoing debate about whether recoating your roof is better than reroofing.   Why recoat  The key to successfully recoating a metal roof is selecting the right coating system. There are many benefits to recoating a metal roof in place of installing a new roof. Most of all, recoating is far ...

USG Discounting Cover Boards

Think Twice Before Discounting Cover Boards

By Lauren White, RCS Assistant Editor.  This overlooked product will increase your roof’s lifespan.  As someone new to the roofing industry, I had never heard of cover boards until now.  And it turns out, they’re really important to help protect the longevity of the roof.  However, they’re often excluded because they require ...

Surecoat A coat for every Season

A Coat for Every Season

By SureCoat Systems.  Find suitable coating products for any location or condition you could experience. Regardless of the region you live in or its corresponding climate conditions, one thing will never change: everyone needs a roof. While some parts of the world are thankful to see four seasons and some are equally thankful to see two, there will always be a need for roof repairs and replacements. Fortunately, there are ...

Tropical Roofing rooftop lady mural

Stunning Roof Mural Atop Miami Hotel Masks Ventilation System

By Lauren White, RCS Reporter. A London artist used samples from surrounding trees to get a perfect roof coating color match. The rooftop of a trendy hotel in South Beach, Miami, Florida is also a work of art.  In an effort to camouflage the ventilation system on the roof, the owners of ...


5 Common But Avoidable Commercial Roofing Problems

Just like residential houses, commercial buildings also experience roofing problems. Given the elaborate nature of commercial roofing, however, any problems with roof design or structure can be extremely costly. On the brighter side, these potentially costly roofing problems are largely preventable from the onset. Good planning is key to avoiding ...

Screen Shot 2020-09-17 at 11.58.21 AM

Q & A - Flat Roof Coatings

What roofing material can be applied over XXXXX that will adhere to this surface and prevent future problems? Barbara asked about Flat Roof Coatings, "I bought a flat roof home three years ago that had an XXXXX roof installed in 2006, with a 7-year warranty. The roof started failing almost 3 ...


Q & A - Downspouts, How Many Do I Need for My Roof?

How many rain gutter downspouts should I have? Tim H. from Birmingham, Alabama, asked, "How many downspouts do I need for my roof? My warehouse has 4 downspouts. Each side is 75 feet long by 33 feet wide gable sides. Is that enough downspouts?" There are too many variables to this roofing ...

alligatoring banner

Q & A - What is Alligatoring?

Roof alligatoring occurs when a modified bituminous roof surface is cracking. What is this picture of? Is it a picture of: A very dirty window Desert Mud Leather The chocolate cake left out in the sun None of the above. Looking at this unique photo it is hard to know what exactly it is if you are not ...

old bur image

Q & A - Recover With Low Slope EPDM

Is using EPDM on a built-up asphalr roof advised? Nancy asked, "If your roof is Built-Up Asphalt would you use EPDM?" I always advise roof removal. There are too many unknowns when leaving the old low slope roof. Mixing two different types of roofing products is in my opinion, not a good ...

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