Low-Slope Roofing

Polyglass Roof Sloping Compound

This Roof Sloping Compound Will Prolong Your Roof’s Life

By Polyglass.   POLYSLOPE is the solution to roof drainage challenges, creating a low slope on your roof to help drain and divert water.   Polyglass has developed POLYSLOPE™, a reinforced cementitious compound application designed to create auxiliary slope. This water-repellent compound is designed to divert standing water and create positive drainage on roofs with low spots. Plus, ...

IB Roof Home in the Desert 1

IB Roof Systems Makes Home its Own Oasis in the Desert

By IB Roof Systems.   New roof install from IB Roof Systems can survive the desert heat in Palm Desert, California  Life in the desert is intense. The desert is the site of extreme temperatures; desert temperatures drop to 25 degrees at night and can reach 100 degrees in the day. Not to mention the ...

Polyglass Modified Bitumen

Why Millions Choose Modified Bitumen Over Other Roofing Materials

By Polyglass.  How modified bitumen went from an experimental innovation to one of the most common commercial roofing systems in the industry.   Since modified bitumen's origins over 50 years ago, it quickly became a go-to roofing material for many commercial roofing materials. Modified bitumen has many benefits, including tensile strength, durability and simple installation all of which has ...

Marco HydraShell

Reliable, High-performing Underlayments Go the Extra Mile

By Marco Industries.  Marco’s line of underlayments offer some of the best warranties and highest quality.   Marco’s HydraShell™ underlayment is made with highest-quality materials to protect your roof and home. Part of the Marco Weather-Tite™ System, these underlayments are made to be durable and easy to install as well as cost-effective.   “There are a lot of different underlayment choices on the market,” said Marco’s West Regional Sales Director/Synthetic Product Manager Brad Keirn. “But there ...

Phoenix Roofing Insulation for Flat Roofing

What Kind of Insulation is Used on Flat Roofing?

By Phoenix Roofing Contractors.  Understand the importance of fortifying and insulating a flat roof to maximize energy efficiency.  As a homeowner or building owner, you should be aware of what goes into fortifying and insulating a flat roof. Flat roofs often require different materials than sloped or pitched roofs, such as special ...

RCS  Roofing vs Recoating

Reroofing Verses Recoating

By Cass Jacoby, RCS Reporter.   Pros and cons in the ongoing debate about whether recoating your roof is better than reroofing.   Why recoat  The key to successfully recoating a metal roof is selecting the right coating system. There are many benefits to recoating a metal roof in place of installing a new roof. Most of all, recoating is far ...

USG Discounting Cover Boards

Think Twice Before Discounting Cover Boards

By Lauren White, RCS Assistant Editor.  This overlooked product will increase your roof’s lifespan.  As someone new to the roofing industry, I had never heard of cover boards until now.  And it turns out, they’re really important to help protect the longevity of the roof.  However, they’re often excluded because they require ...

SOPREMA Toundra Box

SOPREMA® Introduces Toundra Box: The All-in-One Modular Pre-Vegetated System

Factory-made from 100% recycled polypropylene, the modules are light, can hold a large volume of water and offer excellent wind uplift resistance properties. SOPREMA®, Inc., has released the SOPRANATURE® TOUNDRA BOX just in time for spring. This all-in-one modular pre‑vegetated system is composed of a module containing a filter cloth that is customizable for water ...

Surecoat A coat for every Season

A Coat for Every Season

By SureCoat Systems.  Find suitable coating products for any location or condition you could experience. Regardless of the region you live in or its corresponding climate conditions, one thing will never change: everyone needs a roof. While some parts of the world are thankful to see four seasons and some are equally thankful to see two, there will always be a need for roof repairs and replacements. Fortunately, there are ...

Tropical Roofing rooftop lady mural

Stunning Roof Mural Atop Miami Hotel Masks Ventilation System

By Lauren White, RCS Reporter. A London artist used samples from surrounding trees to get a perfect roof coating color match. The rooftop of a trendy hotel in South Beach, Miami, Florida is also a work of art.  In an effort to camouflage the ventilation system on the roof, the owners of ...

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