LoctFast Shingles History of Roofing

February 17, 2014 at 12:00 a.m.

The History of Roofing featured roofing product of today is LoctFast Asphalt Shingles.

Manufactured by Eggers Asphaltum Roofing Company in St. Paul Minnesota around the 1920’s. It is called a locking shingle because of its unique shape and notches that interlock at the corners creating a contiguous roofing system.

These early styles asphalt shingles of side locks and head lapping corner locks made a high performance shingle in the wind as the interlock corners reduced the

t-lock shingle T-lock shingle

wind damage like other exposed edges of shingles in those days. The corners were designed with ears or slits almost like a cereal box top will tab will lock shut.


Above as you can see is an octagon style shingle that was very popular in those days. There were many types of locking shingles designed by different manufacturers. Some with an angle, shingle look, diamond and OGEE all having some type of interlocking system. These were called names like the T-Lock and Dutch – Lap to mention just a couple.

This example shown above is called the LoctFast asphalt shingle probably because of the speed of laying up the shingle. Having such a large shingle would definitely speed of the installation time. This type of roofing was installed over cedar shingles and is an interesting part of American history of roofing. Please stay tune for other older types of roofing products in our series of History of Roofing.


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