Roofing or Fishing What Do You Do?

gone fishin
November 20, 2013 at 12:00 a.m.

Some days a guy just has to get away and do something fun.

As the year of roofing grinds down and the rainy days produce some time off, a well deserved day on the river or lake can be just what we need to recharge our batteries. So get out the Gone Fishing sign and hang on the office door. Spending time with our kids doesn’t get any better than this and the smiles on these two mugs show that very well. If you have kids, you know the feeling. You and your kids will never forget the times you spend together, fishing, camping or days in the park.

My kids are all grown and have gone off to live their own lives with children of their own, but when we get back together from time to time, stories like these are always remembered. I am thankful for the roofing skills my father taught me so I could support my family by working hard at this trade. Having days off like this to enjoy your kids and get to know them again after all those long hard days of working all year, are needed by both you and your kids.

To all my roofing buddies, peers and the home-owners that follow these webpages, remember to enjoy life a little and take a kid fishing. It is one of the best smiles you will ever see on their face and yours. Thanks to the Team Johnson for this picture taken November 2013.

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