Caught Doing Good

RCS CDG Virginia U.S. Army Veteran

Virginia U.S. Army veteran receives new roof

By Emma Peterson. The Roof Deployment Program supports veterans like Ronald Pendleton in need. Ronald Pendleton lives in his family’s home in Millwood, Virginia, which is more than 100 years old. Originally built with a tin roof, the home has once been redone with shingles. However, since then, it hasn’t ...

RCS Holiday Heros CDG

Holiday heroes keep a family safe and sound for the holidays

By Emma Peterson.   The best gift this holiday season came to this mom of four in the form of a free roof. DryHome Roofing and Siding in Northern Virginia hosted their 21st annual Free Roof for the Holidays program last December. They have served their community for over 35 ...

CDG Mashup Making Change

Making change across communities one roof at a time

By Emma Peterson. Everyone deserves to have a roof over their heads. In these four stories, roofing companies and organizations make that a reality for people in their community. A new roof is a huge investment, and one that cannot be pushed aside or ignored. But it is unfortunately ...

CDG Roof Deployment Project

The Roof Deployment Project is keeping our veterans safe this winter

By Emma Peterson.   For U.S. army veteran Martin Thompson and his wife Carol Maddox, receiving a new roof on a Monday morning was a dream come true. A $42,000 price tag for a new roof is out of many people’s budgets, including Martin and Carol who didn’t know how ...

CDG Power of a Helping Hand

The power of a helping hand

By Emma Peterson. A local company partners with two other organizations to gift a veteran in Missouri a roof replacement worth over $4,000. Through a collaboration with Detroit’s Habitat for Humanity and the Owens Corning Roof Deployment Project, Ross Schnoerherr and his roofing company got another passion project. Since 1995, ...

RCS Rooftops Repair Program

How this city is keeping safe roofs over their community

By Emma Peterson. Toledo’s Rooftops Repair Program is the blessing that residents needed but didn’t see coming. The Rooftops Repair Program is what Toledo Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz sees as the good side of Washington, D.C., where things are done correctly and benefit people like Sandra and Veronica directly. He ...

RCS Vietnam Veteran Free Roof 11.1

Roofing contractor surprises a Vietnam veteran with a free roof

By Emma Peterson.   Walking into JP Roofing and Metal Buildings, Inc., the last thing John Varnum expected was to leave with the promise of a new roof, free of cost! John Varnum is a U.S. Army veteran who served in Vietnam. He went into JP Roofing and Metal Buildings, Inc. ...

CDG Cox Roofing Veteran

Cox Roofing giveaway rewards two veteran police officers

By Emma Peterson. When it comes to giving back to their community, Cox Roofing makes sure to put their money where their mouth is. Cox Roofing in Laurel, Mississippi takes supporting their community seriously. Every year, they choose a profession that helps build up and protect their community to receive ...

GAF Local Construction CDG

Local construction company gifts a free, new roof to a local family in need

By Emma Peterson. Rainwater buckets inside of your house is a cry for a new roof, but for the Gray family, that just wasn’t in the cards financially. That is until Saints Roofing and Construction stepped in. This past July, Saints Roofing Construction sat down and wondered how they ...

CDG Local Company 11.2

Local company helps their community roof by roof

By Emma Peterson. When Karin Sebastianelli and Kiley Geddie found out they had each won a contest for a free roof from Roe Roofing & Exteriors, there were many emotions: shock, joy and overwhelming relief. The last few years haven’t been easy for Karin Sebastianelli, a senior who has lived ...

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