How to Deal With the Snow on Your Roof like a Pro

Learn the ways you can take precautions against the hazards of snow and live through every snowstorm safely. As most of us know, it snows regularly in temperate regions away from the equator. Snow can be fun and all, but it can also be a headache. A lot of snow piling ...


6 Things You Should Not Do On Your Roof

Here are a list of things to keep from damaging your roof: Mount a satellite dish on your roof. This is the number one hate for me. Seeing a roof mount satellite dish means screwing bolts into your roof. Some installers will use a mastic sandwiched between the roof and the ...

roof rough shape

7 Signs You Need A New Roof

Roof - Roof Does your dog know something you don’t? How can I tell if I need a roof? There are a few simple signs to look for to tell if you need a new roof or roof repair. Here is a list of the top 10 signs. Obvious leaks or water stains ...

Pig with Lip Stick

Your Roof, Is it a Pig with Lipstick?

OK, you may be asking what does lipstick on a pig have to do with roofing? It may surprise you – but I see pigs with lipstick all the time in the roofing business. The term Lipstick on a Pig means no matter how much you try to make something old ...

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