Your Roof, Is it a Pig with Lipstick?

Pig with Lip Stick
August 7, 2014 at 12:00 a.m.

OK, you may be asking what does lipstick on a pig have to do with roofing?

It may surprise you – but I see pigs with lipstick all the time in the roofing business. The term Lipstick on a Pig means no matter how much you try to make something old look good, it is still what it is. It is something old somebody attempted to look better than what it is.

This happens many times now in the real estate market as bank-owned properties are sold to those who buy the property only to do some minor repairs and sell them off as quickly as possible. We know them as “flippers”. You would be amazed at how many of us roofing contractors get a call with a request to certify an older roof many being away too old to certify. The flipper doesn’t want to spend or budget any money to replace it, they just want a guarantee for 2 years that it will not leak without liability to themselves. Lipstick on a pig. The day of selling this type of home has become very risky since you cannot be sure what kind of person is selling it.

I watch those TV shows were the flipper comes in and does some repairs to the home that everybody sees, maybe dazzling the buyers with new kitchens and baths and new floor coverings but refuses to give the roof the attention it needs because it is not seen as the other parts of the home. Again lipstick on a pig. The crazy thing is the roof covers all those new improvements made plus all the household items you move in. I understand everyone wants to make as much money as they can selling a flipper but selling a home that has a few repairs and certification by who knows who jackleg roofer that nobody can find the next time it rains makes me angry. This is one of the things that give roofers a bad name. Don’t misunderstand me, there are good contractors out there providing solid repair work and offer a guarantee, been in business a long time and that will answer the phone if you have a problem, but are hard to find.

Buying a roof without a licensed roofing contractors inspection is crazy

Hire your own roofer to inspect the roof of the home you may be purchasing. His opinion of the roof may differ from the seller's roofer. Your guy works for you and maybe a little more open-minded as to the condition of the roof vs ” just getting by ” with a minor facelift, then getting a check, getting out of there and praying nobody calls when it rains. When in the market for a home do yourself a favor and seek the advice of a well know roofing contractor on the condition of the roof. Don’t Buy a Pig with Lipstick.

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