Cedar Shingle & Shake Roofs

DaVinci Rainbow of the Roof

Rainbow on the Roof

By DaVinci Roofscapes. With dozens of colors to choose from, how do you select the right DaVinci Roofscapes color for your composite slate or shake roof? If you’re David Wiley and Tom Nagel, you rely on expert color advice from not one, but two, color experts. Since DaVinci ...

IKO Armourshake

IKO Armourshake Three-dimensional Shingles Save Time and Money and Look Good Doing it

By IKO. From urban to country style, these designer asphalt shingles bring charm to any home. IKO Armourshake designer asphalt shingles have a luxurious appearance, owed to the advanced technology IKO uses to give these laminate shingles their deep cut and rich color blends that make them look like hand-cut ...

DaVinci New Roof that Insurance Companies Love

Community Selects a New Roof That Insurance Companies Love

By DaVinci Roofscapes. Building’s board of directors finally switches to a roof that can survive Florida elements. A quick drive to the beach is usually a huge selling point for a property, but in the case of the townhome community of Chelsea II, it meant disaster for their cedar shake ...

23 year old shake roof

Q & A - Shake Roof Repair

How and when should I have my shake roof repaired? This is a common question asked here at AskARoofer. Most shake roofs start to fail after 15 years. Some sooner, some later, but most start to show age when shakes curl, split and blow off, leaving missing shakes. Cedar shakes can ...

cedar shakes

Cedar Shakes - A Lost Art

The lost art of installing cedar shakes. Yes, these are beautiful roofs but there are not as many cedar shake roofs being installed like once before. The high cost of running a lumber mill and tree hungers tying up the harvesting of the forests to save the spotted owls and other ...

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