IKO Armourshake Three-dimensional Shingles Save Time and Money and Look Good Doing it

IKO Armourshake
November 26, 2021 at 6:00 a.m.

By IKO. 

From urban to country style, these designer asphalt shingles bring charm to any home. 

IKO Armourshake designer asphalt shingles have a luxurious appearance, owed to the advanced technology IKO uses to give these laminate shingles their deep cut and rich color blends that make them look like hand-cut cedar shingles. These shingles have the subtle nuances of real cedar with the cost and upkeep of premium laminate shingles. 

You won’t only be saving money on maintenance though, IKO Armourshake shingles save you time and money, since they install faster and easier than wood shingles. 

Your home's roof is its first line of defense against the ravages of wind and weather. Thanks to their copper-coated granules, IKO Armourshake shingles inhibit the growth of blue algae that can cause discoloration. Designed to protect against wind uplift and water infiltration, it provides long-lasting performance in rain or shine. 

IKO Armourshake designer shingles wonderfully represent the quality, durability and innovative vision that IKO has been known for for over 70 years. 

Choice of colors IKO Armourshake 

For a home beautifully matched to its natural surroundings, choose one of our attractive color blends: Gray Stone, Log Cabin, Western Sequoia, Temperate Stone or Shadow Black. 

Before deciding on your color choice, be sure to examine several full-size swatches and see the product already installed on a home. Not all colors are available everywhere. 

If you dream of the natural charm of cedar shingles, without the inconveniences of flammability and maintenance, opt for a reddish shade that recreates the effect of young cedar or even a mixture of gray evoking the patina of aged cedar. 

The tangible quality of Armourshake shingles can be seen in their unique design and remarkable thickness and weight. Unlike other products on the market, they are made of two fiberglass mattresses glued to each other, which gives them strength, durability and flexibility. Of all our shingles, those in the Armourshake range stand out for their incomparable thickness and weight. 

On your roof, these qualities combine to recreate the desirable look of real wood shingles. Take one in your hands; its weight and flexibility will convince you of the incomparable quality of its design. 

Top benefits of IKO shingles 

1 - Resistance to algae 

We encrust the surface of our Armourshake shingles with algae-resistant granules. These inhibit the growth of blue algae which can cause unsightly black spots, streaks or discolored areas. 

2 - Strong bonds 

The strips of our IKO FastLock ™ adhesive that are applied to the back of the shingles become ultra-tacky when exposed to direct sunlight and warm temperatures.  The strong adhesion this creates helps prevent wind-heaving of the shingles. 

3 - UV resistant granules 

Ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause shingles to fade. That's why IKO Armourshake shingles are coated with reflective granules that help counter the effects of these rays. 

4 - The strength of Armourshake shingles is their greatest strength 

Armourshake shingles owe this inner strength to their resilient fiberglass mats both sides of which are coated with weather-resistant bitumen. Their surface is then covered with colored granules. Whether it's snowing, raining or windy. 

You can rest easy when the roof that houses your family is protected by IKO Armourshake shingles, an effective barrier against wind and water. We designed them to lie flat on your roof to protect you from Mother Nature's ravages like strong winds and torrential rains. We build them to be tough and durable, so you can weather life's storms with confidence, and take pride in their lasting charm. 

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Original article source: IKO


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