What it Takes to Measure a Roof

Measuring a roof
September 11, 2022 at 6:00 a.m.

Correct roof measurements are important to have in order to make your roofing project run smoothly. 

Roofing projects require a set of plans, just as building a house does.  These plans allow you to see the end result, prepare for ordering materials and know the cost of the project.  But first, you need roof measurements.  Whether these are taken by a roofing professional or ordered through an aerial measurement company, roof measurements are a necessity in the project process. 

Some roofers will measure the roof by climbing up a ladder and using a tape measure.  Once they take all of the measurements, they do a few calculations and can make estimates, providing you with a bid to do the job.  However, there are others who choose to use aerial measurement technology, particularly if the roof is very cut up and/or steep to walk on. 

For example, this roof is enough to make any roofer crazy.  Not only is it very steep to walk on in certain areas, but it has 61 different facets and various porches, hips, valleys, rakes and ridges.  Opting for an aerial roof measurement eliminates the difficulty, time to measure and chance for error.  The use of aerial photography and satellite imagery, combined with GPS, results in very accurate roof measurements. 

Here is one page of an actual 14-page roof measurement report ordered for this house.  This page of the report provides the perimeter, hips, valleys, ridge and rake of the entire roof.  The rest of the report includes a page for the pitches, or degrees, of every facet of the home; a page for the rafter runs; a page for total squares of each facet and a detail page for placing an order for materials.  

The measurements provided in an aerial roof measurement report are everything you need to either cost the roofing project out or provide your roofing contractor in order to get a bid.  These reports are easy to understand, provide a safe alternative to climbing up on the roof, and only take a couple days to prepare.   

Measure a roof safely 

Without the proper training and equipment, it isn’t recommended for homeowners to climb on their roofs.  If you want to get the project started yourself, opt for the safer alternative that will save you time and keep you safe by ordering an aerial roof measurement report.     

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