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DaVinci Systems Testing on Roofs

Everything You Need to Know About Systems Testing on Roofs

By Zach Stopyro for DaVinci Roofscapes  Roofing materials need to be tested individually as a whole to make sure everything works together.  The roofing industry individually tests roofing pieces, usually checking to see how a specific roofing tile tests on its own in weather, temperature fluctuations, climates and fire conditions. Conversely, system ...

CertainTeed Single Source

Why All Parts of Your Roof System Should Come From a Single Source

By CertainTeed. Learn the benefits of a having a complete roofing system from one manufacturer. Your roof does more than provide shelter—it is a system of functional parts that work together to provide safety to your family and your home. You need a roof designed to provide optimum performance, for years to ...

MRA Spring Home Improvement

Spring Home Improvement Season: MRA Offers 7 Essential Questions to Maximize Re-Roofing Investment

As spring approaches, ensure peace of mind and long-term satisfaction by asking installers the right questions.  After a year filled with anxiety, the last thing homeowners need is anything else that adds to their stress. But as a result of extreme weather events experienced by many regions, having to worry literally ...

Bliss Roofing Ice Dams

Watch Out for Ice Dams This Winter

By Cass Jacoby, RCS Reporter.  We all know icicles can cause damage at their point, but did you know their root can seriously destroy your roof?  Icicles are a beautiful part of winter, but they can indicate a serious problem that is happening with your roof— an ice dam. An ice dam happens when the ridges of ice that forms around the edge of your ...

DaVinci Why Choose a Gray Roof

Putting the “Gray” in Great: Why Choose a Gray Roof

By DaVinci Roofscapes.  Gray is in vogue; here is why homeowners are donning their roofs with the achromatic color.  For architects, interior designers and fashion designers, gray has long been a color to turn to for its ability to add instant style and a timeless elegance to designs. Distinctive from other colors, gray ...

MRA Metal Roofing Myths

Busted! 10 Common Myths About Metal Roofing Dispelled

By Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA)  There are lots of misconceptions when it comes to metal roofing. Make sure you’re informed with the correct information.   Metal Roofing has been gaining popularity for the past few years and is now the second most preferred type of roofing material, according to a Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA) study of current U.S. homeowners roofing trends. Given metal’s long lifecycle, low maintenance needs ...

MRA Taking Stress Out of Roof Replacement Projects

Taking Stress Out of Spring Roof Replacement Projects

MRA cautions homeowners: For peace of mind, don’t spend a cent without asking essential questions first. After a year filled with anxiety, the last thing homeowners need is anything else that adds to their stress. But as a result of extreme weather events experienced by many regions, having to worry about ...

TAMKO - New Pages PR

TAMKO’s New Online Resources Help Educate Homeowners

By TAMKO. releases new pages on their website as part of an effort to better educate homeowners on their product.  TAMKO Building Products LLC has launched a new page full of online resources as part of an effort to better educate homeowners about roofing TAMKO® shingles. This new section of the TAMKO ...

DaVinci Pointers for HOA Approval

3 Pointers to Help Get the HOA to Grant Your Roof Approval

By DaVinci Roofscapes.  How to navigate your HOA guidelines so you can get a new roof quickly and easily.  If you live in a suburb or community, chances are you will need the Homeowners Association (HOA) to approve your new roof. Your HOA aims to enhance and preserve your community's property value, and ...

Sashco Caulk

Your Silicone Questions Answered

By Sashco.  Will your new caulk stick to silicone? How do you know if you need to re-caulk or remove silicone?   Your caulk won’t stick to silicone, in fact nothing sticks to silicone. Silicone doesn’t even stick to itself. That’s the short answer to at least one of your questions, however, here at Sashco we enjoy diving deeper into these topics. ...

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