We are Begging You Not to DIY Your Roof

June 3, 2022 at 6:00 a.m.

By Cass Jacoby.  

Roofing is actually a lot harder than it looks! Here are four reasons why you should leave that roof repair to the experts.  

Do-it-yourself projects are usually awesome — they are a great way to save money and add a personal touch to those changes you are looking to make. That being said, there are some projects that you simply shouldn’t do yourself. Like a roof. Here are the top four reasons why you will want to leave the roofing to the experts. 

1 – It is very dangerous! 

Trent Cotney says that roofing as a profession is the fourth-most dangerous job in the country. The most common injuries are caused by slips, trips and falls, and the consequences of these accidents can be much worse. It’s a scary statistic but true: Over 2,000 people die each year from falls off of a roof — that number includes both people doing a DIY roofing project, as well as trained professionals. Even the with the best safety equipment, someone can be injured on the job. Do you have the helmets, boots, pads and other equipment, not to mention the safety precaution training you need to keep yourself safe? 

No matter how safe your roof might seem, it’s a dangerous place. Safety always comes first, which is why it is imperative that you do not get on your roof without the safety training and equipment necessary to avoid the inherent risks of falling.  

2 – Actually, it isn’t cheaper at all  

We get it, a new roof is expensive. It is a huge investment in your home, but rightfully so. A roof is your number one defense against the elements, so not only does it need to be installed properly by an expert, it really only makes fiscal sense to hire a professional. 

Aside from the obvious money you will save avoiding future leaks and problems that can arise from an improperly installed roof, you will save yourself way more time and headaches when you hire a professional. If you decided to take the job on yourself, it would likely take you much longer than a professional to complete the project. Since time is money, consider just how much you lose when you attempt to DIY a fix yourself.  

Plus, roofing contractors and their crew members have access to resources and materials the average homeowner would not have. Amongst these resources are: 

  • Proper safety equipment 

  • State-of-the-art tools 

  • Access to quality materials 

  • Connections with manufacturers and distributors 

Additionally, roofers know how to save some money on materials depending on who they are connected to. Five Coat Roofing notes that roofers are able to buy their products in bulk and pass those savings onto the homeowner. Roofing materials and tools are not inexpensive, so it is best to let the professionals who already have these tools and materials work on your roof.  

Mistakes from DIY roofing projects can also hurt the value of your home. Inspectors have a keen eye for damage, and they will tell any prospective buyers if your roof needs repairs. Thus, your home becomes harder to sell until you completely fix it. 

3 – Insurance and warranties become a nightmare when you DIY it 

Roofers have to get licenses, certifications, and have specific insurances for working on a roof. In fact, plenty of contractors have entire back offices that work to make the process go smoothly. News4Jax highlights the importance of having an expert to help navigate the insurance claim process and supplying insurance companies with all the proper documentation. Further, if you were to damage your roof in the process of repairing it, your home insurance would not cover the cost of additional repairs, easily denying your claim for negligence. IKO states that professional roofers have special insurance to cover any damage in the unlikely event of a mistake, and because insurance covers them, you usually don’t have to pay any additional costs if a second repair is needed. 

Further, if your roof has a warranty plan, much like your insurance, you could void your warranty should you damage your roof making repairs yourself. Manufacturers offer a warranty at the time of the roof installation; however, these are only valid if the installation process and other roofing repairs are carried out by a licensed roofer.   

4 – There is a high probability that you will make the situation worse 

This is not at all a statement of general doubt for your other DIY projects, it is just that fixing a roof is a really high-stakes project and it needs to be done right the first time. While mistakes are no big deal for something like painting a wall of your house, making a goof on the roof often leads to more repairs being needed. Before you know it, your simple shingle repair can spiral into a full-blown re-roofing project.  

It just isn’t a job you can learn as you go, you need years of experience on the roof to really deliver the kind of end result you are looking for. A roofing professional has all the expertise to be able to come in and get the job done right on the first try. They know what to look for on the roof, so they can spot additional problems with your roof that you may have overlooked, and they can fix that too before it grows into a bigger problem. 


Fixing a roof is a difficult and downright dangerous job. Hiring a professional is key to preventing future problems safely and with minimal mistakes. It will save you so much more than just time and money to call a professional, it can even save your life. So please, if not for the sake of your roof, for me, put down the tool belt, stash that ladder back into the garage and call a professional.  

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