RoofersCoffeeShop® Announces Launch of AskARoofer Podcast

AAR Podcast
July 28, 2022 at 6:00 a.m.

New podcast series is dedicated to answering home and building owners’ questions about all things roofing.

RoofersCoffeeShop®, celebrating 20 years as the award-winning website where the industry meets for technology, information and everyday business announces a new podcast on their sister site AskARoofer.  The AskARoofer Podcast is a natural extension of and provides a more in-depth conversation centered around roofing questions. 

“With podcasts being such a popular media form to consume information and learn new things, we really wanted to provide a space for home and building owners to ask questions and understand more about the roofs over their heads,” stated RoofersCoffeeShop President Heidi J. Ellsworth.  “Podcasts are engaging, easy to listen to and most importantly, mobile.  All home and building owners can listen in their cars while they commute, on their phones while on a walk or from their computers while at work or at home." 

The podcast features new episodes each month with experts who discuss home and building owners’ burning questions about their roofs.  Listeners will hear from roofing contractors, manufacturers and service providers about all things roofing. 

Listeners will get to know AskARoofer in Episode 0 — the origins of the site, how to ask a question, who answers the questions, what the site does and who the site serves.  In Episode 1, the most recent episode, the experts from DaVinci Roofscapes discuss how to handle suspected roofing damage after severe weather.  AskARoofer receives questions daily from home and building owners that serve as the inspiration for the podcast.  Questions include: Will a cricket solve my gable drainage issue?  Should my rolled roof have been tarped?  What gutter lining will preserve 110-year-old gutters?  And many more!  If you have a question that you would like to hear discussed on the podcast, please submit a question here. 

The AskARoofer Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and any other streaming service you use for podcasts. 

About RoofersCoffeeShop 

As an award-winning website and online community, RoofersCoffeeShop is committed to being a roofing professional advocate by supplying consistent information, education and communication avenues for all roofing professionals, and especially contractors, while promoting the positive growth, education and success of the roofing industry overall. Visitors to the site continue to find excellent opportunities for sharing information while participating in important ongoing conversations concerning new technologies, safety and the overall roofing trade. From the rooftop to the board room, is “Where the Industry Meets!” For more information, visit

About AskARoofer 

AskARoofer provides home and building owners with a unique opportunity to connect with contractors for their roofing questions, maintenance tips, product recommendations and more. Originally launched in 2005, AskARoofer was envisioned by a longtime friend of RoofersCoffeeShop, Bob “ShingleWeaver” McCrickard, who expressed his desire for RCS to preserve his legacy and continue helping property owners find answers to their roofing questions. This unique and informative website brings home and building owners and roofing professionals together, allowing site visitors to submit questions that will be answered by professional contractors. AskARoofer is the best place for owners to educate themselves about the roofs over their heads. Have a question? AskARoofer. For more information, visit  

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