Rain Gutters - When is the Best Time to Install Them?

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July 11, 2016 at 12:00 a.m.

Is there an ideal time to install rain gutters?

Installing rain gutters can be done without removing the roof. It is wise to have a rain gutters contractor that understands all types of roofing since gutters are typically attached to the edge of roofs. If a rain gutter system is not installed correctly and work well with the existing roofing system the results can be a disaster.

When asked this, Jesse from from First Choice Gutters in Sacramento says, "It is a good idea to install new gutters on a bare roof. There can be damage done to the roof be removing and tucking the gutters. Most gutters systems here out west, have a lip that goes under the shingle or tile and must be tucked if installing gutters with the roof on. A lip-less gutter needs to be installed with a drip edge, both are hard to do the existing roof and tend to be a dollar or two more per foot."

If the budget allows it, do the gutters at the same time the roof is being replaced, because the bond between the roof eave and gutter system can be installed with the best results plus be less costly.

If you live in the greater Sacramento, CA area, please give Jesse a call from First Choice Gutters. Having brand new seamless gutters gives your house the facelift it needs.

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