Q&A – How Can I Prevent Shingle Loss During High Winds?

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November 9, 2022 at 6:00 a.m.

Having endured multiple hurricanes and persistent high winds, this Florida homeowner wanted to know what could be done to protect his roof from storm damage.  

After Hurricane Ian affected Mark’s roof, he decided to consult the experts on ways he can prevent future storm damage and preserve his roof’s life. This Florida homeowner asked: 

I have a geodesic home in Port Charlotte, Florida. It has just been hit by Ian. I bought it in 2003, Charley hit in 04. Anyhow, winds can get pretty high without hurricanes and we lose shingles every few years. The shingles are not designed to hang straight down and I am wondering if we could have it sprayed or rolled with a rubberized coating — something the wind can’t get under. Thanks! 

The picture is from a neighbor's roof. My dome house has lost a window and a bunch of shingles/tiles... 

Our resident expert roofer, John Stout with Go Roof Tune Up™, had this to say in response: 

This is a very interesting question regarding the shingles on a geodesic home. Coating the shingles could help a little bit, however, that could be detrimental overall. The wind lift on the shingles is not entirely by wind getting under the shingles, but by the negative force of wind over the shingles. Coating the shingles would cause larger portions of roof to blow off. I would not recommend sealing the shingles.  

However, when replacing shingles that have blown off, it could be advantageous to use an adhesive that is compatible with your shingles to attach to the shingle below. The shingles can flex and allows the shingle to lay back down in the original position. When replacing shingles in a high wind area, as a repair or as a new roof, it would be advisable to use a 3-tab shingle or similar strip shingle. 

This is my best recommendation based on your question and the photo. It looks like you have a little piece of paradise (when without hurricanes). We hope this information will help you work out the necessary schedule to keep your roof in good repair. 
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