Local Roofing Company Empowers the Next Generation of Roofers

RCS CTE Students
May 16, 2021 at 6:00 a.m.

By Cass Jacoby, RCS Reporter. 

Bryan CTE school program partners with Cr Systems and Aggieland Roofing to impassion students to join the roofing industry.  

Cr Systems and Aggieland Roofing, one of the biggest manufacturing companies in the country, is giving real life roofing experience to the students of Bryan CTE

“I never thought construction was going to be my thing until I started coming to this program. I actually started liking it because I gained so much experience,” Miguel Martinez, a student, told KBTX. Miguel is part of a program that gives students hands-on lessons in roofing installation, discusses the trade with them and gets them excited about post-graduation opportunities.  

President Rayne Knight told KBTX, “We brought in Carlisle Manufacturing Company to bring in materials and their technical representatives to teach the kids a real-life roofing installation.” 

Bryan CTE’s Construction Science teacher, John Templeton says the program gets students excited about post-graduation opportunities. “They can study [these areas] and see everything that goes into these building processes,” says John. “That way they can make a decision on which trade industry or how they want to further their education in the construction industry.” 

In addition to teaching the students how to install a roof, Cr Systems and Aggieland Roofing will discuss long-term employment and growth within the trade to students. “We can show them how to start in the field -what they’re going to learn from the bottom -  but we can also show them where they can get to and the kind of money they can make on the top end,” said Rayne.  

He even said he was willing to provide opportunities to interested students. “I’m seeing a lot of the ones who maybe want to pursue this and also getting a lot of names down so we can find out who’ll be available for an internship and longtime employment,” Rayne told KBTX. 

Original article and photo source: KBTX 

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