Cancer Patient Gifted New Roof

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January 7, 2023 at 6:00 a.m.

By Alec Doniger. 

Tim Moher, the winning nominee for the Raise the Roof Project, was beside himself with joy after receiving his unexpected gift. 

NEPA Builders and 84 Lumber Company recently gifted Tim Moher a new roof. The owner of NEPA Builders explained to Fox 56, “we wanted to do something to connect to our community.” So, by partnering with 84 Lumber Company and the Raise the Roof Project, NEPA set out to achieve this goal.

The Raise the Roof project was taking applications from people in need looking for a new roof. Tim Moher was stunned when his name was pulled. “I was completely surprised,” Tim told Fox 56. “I had several tumors throughout my body and had to undergo cancer treatment, radiation and chemotherapy. I can’t say enough about these people and how wonderful it is that they’re doing this for us today.” 

A person battling cancer needs all the help they can get. The people representing Raise the Roof, 84 Lumber and NEPA were willing to selflessly provide this help with no hesitation.

Toby Grzenda of NEPA Builders said to Fox 56, “We decided that a roof replacement would be a great way to [bring the community together]. The roof is maybe the most protective element of someone’s home…  If we’re gonna give something away that’s gonna really count and mean something you know would be a roof system.” 

When a family lives with a roof that leaks or doesn’t function properly, life can become brutally difficult. The stress of living in a cold, wet and moldy home only compounds the pain of fighting a potentially fatal illness. Thanks to these three organizations willing to take risks for the greater good, Tim Moher’s quality of life has increased tenfold.

“For families like mine going through, what’s been a really tough couple years, to know that our house is safe, our children are warm, everything is going to be OK as far as our house goes, I just want to thank everybody involved in this program and tell them how much it means to myself and to my family”, says Tim.

Photo credit: Fox 56

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