How Stormseal Helped Abereum Roofing Take Off (Like a Tarp in the Wind)

Stormseal Abereum Roofing
August 19, 2021 at 6:00 a.m.

By Stormseal. 

Mitchell Clarke shares how his business increased eight-fold after his crew got Stormseal training. 

Mitchell Clarke teamed up with three other business partners to set up the roof division of Abereum Roofing & Plumbing. He claims that the division has taken off mostly thanks to Stormseal . 

‘We started with just two guys, but I’ve taken on another four already to meet the demand, and I’ll be putting eight more through the Stormseal installer training in the next month,” says Mitchell. 

Mitchell uses Stormseal on both residential and commercial buildings. He used Stormseal to cover roofs damaged by the big hailstorm in January, which has helped him grow his business off customer appreciation and referrals.  

“When people are forced to live under tarps, and the tarps flap all night or tear off in the wind, and rain keeps coming in, it drives them mad. They call their insurer and they just lose it, or they call me and say, “’I’ve had enough; we can’t live like this,’” says Mitchell. 

“When we put Stormseal on instead, people are over the moon and they recommend us to their neighbors. They also ask us to quote for their re-roofing, because we’ve earned their trust: they know you do good work, so they want you to come back.” 

By using Stormseal, Mitchell not only avoided five to six return visits to replace the tarps on each property, but avoided further weather damage from happening. “When I talk to insurers, I always recommend Stormseal. When I show them how well it works, they agree it’s better for everyone,” says Mitchell.  

“We need to get Stormseal out there, on every damaged roof, so no one has to put up with tarps anymore,” says Mitchell. ”Stormseal has been great for our business and it feels great to be helping people, improving their lives after a disaster. Stormseal is the future.” 

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