FlashCo Horizontal Lifeline Systems

FlashCo Horizontal Lifeline Systems are an Innovative Look into the Future of Roofing Safety

By Anna Lockhart. Safety should always be the number-one priority for roofing contractors and their work crew. As FlashCo introduces their new fall protection systems product line, it’s important to remember that safety should always come first when on a roof. As FlashCo announced their latest product line ...

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Engineered Snow Retention Systems

TRA Snow & Sun engineers snow retention systems, for asphalt shingle, cedar shingle, corrugated metal, flat seam metal, granule metal, metal panel, simulated slate, single ply, slate, tile, wood shake, and metal roofs. These snow guards, snow stops, and snow breakers are an essential part of a snow retention system. ...

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Ventilation and Flashing Solutions

TRA Snow & Sun offers a variety of aluminum and copper roof flashing and roof ventilation products, including TileVent, TileSeal, and VersaFlash. Roof flashing and roof ventilation go hand in hand, both being instrumental in protecting your home. Big problems in the attic often come from weather related sources or plumbing ...

Tremco Safety Expert

Why You Need a Safety Expert

By Cass Jacoby. How to ensure that the safety of the people on your roof comes before anything else. As with anything, you know that safety comes first. And as an (I would eliminate this because a reader might think that we’re doing residential work or providing safety systems for ...

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