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DaVinci curb appeal tips
August 3, 2022 at 6:00 a.m.

By DaVinci Roofscapes.

Valuable tips on how to enhance your home's curb appeal.

The month of August has long been set aside as National Curb Appeal Month. It’s a time for homeowners to both reflect on and evaluate the status of their home’s exterior. Could the shutters use a new coat of paint? Would a landscaping overhaul improve the street appearance of my home? Is it time to get a new roof?

Getting FRESH curb appeal advice

National color expert Kate Smith with Sensational Color has created a variety of ebooks that can help you navigate your way through the curb appeal questions related to your home. She takes you on a “top down” analysis of your house in a variety of free ebooks available on the DaVinci Roofscapes website.

One of Kate’s premises is that there are five steps for finding the perfect hue for your home exterior. By using the FRESH approach, you can select the ideal colors for the outside of your home. You need to base these color selections on:

  • Fixed Features
  • Regional Colors
  • Environment and Surroundings
  • Style of Your Home
  • Historic and Have-to-Use Colors

By putting all these together and viewing your home exterior as a whole unit, Kate’s ebook helps you pick the best colors for your home’s curb appeal. The free downloadable color guides are designed to help you select colors if you have brick or stone exteriors, if you’re in the beginning stages of looking for a new roof or if you’re just looking for basic curb appeal tips.

What realtors are saying about curb appeal

Aside from making your home more attractive, focusing on curb appeal also makes your home more valuable. According to a study reported in REALTOR® Magazine in 2020, homes with high curb appeal can sell for an average of 7% more than similar homes with uninviting exteriors. Imagine a $300,000 home. That could add $21,000 to the selling price!

What is one of the elements of curb appeal that catches people’s attention most quickly? The roof.

“From my standpoint, a composite roof would be an immediate upsell,” says John E. Lynn, SRES with 5 Star Real Estate Pros at Keller Williams Mountain Partners in North Carolina. “In fact, I would make note of it in the features section of the MLS listing with any other special aspects of the house. It automatically raises the quality of the house in the eyes of the buyer.

“I think that having a good looking composite roof would benefit the homeowner when it comes time to sell, because having something like that could be a good bargaining chip. The look of a composite roof is just as important as its durability.”

Across the country in Colorado, realtor Steve Baker agrees with Lynn’s insights. “There’s maybe a 75 percent chance that selling a home with a good-looking, no-maintenance composite roof with a lifetime limited materials warranty would be easier than selling one with other roofing products,” says Baker with The Baker Team at Sears Real Estate, CNE, SRES in Colorado. “Geography plays a part in this.

“In our area a DaVinci roof is known for its durability and resistance to hail, which we get quite often. The combined aspect of having a good looking upgraded roof that helps protect the home adds to the overall appeal of the house.”

Get your own curb appeal!

For more details on how to shake up your home with added curb appeal and possibly the investment of a durable composite roof, check out these online stories:

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