ENDURAflex Packaging and Process is Faster, Stronger and Greener

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June 30, 2021 at 4:00 p.m.

By Cass Jacoby.  

ENDURAflex with FastPack is more than a convenient innovation, it’s a more sustainable, cleaner and streamlined product. 

United Asphalts newest product, ENDURAflex HT SEBS, has received a brilliant new packaging update in the FastPack. The cutting-edge packaging system launched last February and is guaranteed to streamline the process of opening, lifting and handling the full line of United Asphalts’ products.  

ENDURAflex HT was designed to stand up to severe weather conditions, made of an exceptional SEBS material and featuring self-healing properties that will provide you with one of the most durable roofs available. ENDURAflex HT gives you the waterproofing and weatherability of traditional asphalt along with the elastic recovery, UV degradation resistance and strength of SEBS. 

The FastPack packaging system makes the already high-performing ENDURAflex HT even better. 

Efficient in every sense of the word, the new package design means quicker installations. FastPack is designed with a significantly faster release. The heavy-duty cardboard box carton opens in seconds, see for yourself just how quickly this box can open.  

Plus, because this product does not require chopping, your contractor won’t have to spend time post-installation cleaning up shards of asphalt. With this new box design, carton opening time is cut drastically, meaning a quicker installation with significantly less clean-up.  

The true innovation of the FastPack, however, lies in how much better this packaging is for the environment. FastPack cuts back on package waste compared to other shipping methods of asphalt. ENDURAflex HT does not include the typical metal bottom found in traditional packaging systems, which will reduce the amount of waste going to landfills. Plus, FastPack is 100% recyclable.  

In line with United Asphalts’ attention to the environment, ENDURAflex HT is designed to deliver a resilient roof that can work with vegetative and green sustainable roofs of the future. Both ENDURAflex and FastPack are products that speak to United Asphalt's emphasis on sustainability and providing environmentally conscious products. 

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