Armourshake™ Now a Class 4 Shingle

IKO Carrington Project
January 12, 2023 at 3:00 p.m.

By IKO North America. 

Representatives from IKO® give their take on why the Armourshake shingle is so reliable and what makes both IKO® and Roofmart fantastic companies. 

Armourshake™ is one of the best shingles offered in the roofing industry today. It has been given a Class 4 Impact Resistance Rating, marking it as a superior shingle. A recent Morgan Creek (a “cedar or better” subdivision) installation garnered IKO® lots of attention in British Columbia. The company is known for their quality materials, including shingles that are a great alternative to older-style wood roofs. Discover more about their recent project in this interview with Adanac Assistant Manager, Cody Marr, and an IKO® Residential Sales Representative.  

Cody Marr: Now that Armourshake™ gets the Class 4 impact rating, it gives myself and the homeowner more peace of mind. Armourshake™ is one of the heavier, nicer shingles on the market.  

We’re a family business. My father and I, we were both roofers ourselves, so there’s a lot of companies out there that own roofing companies that have never put a shingle on. We can relate to our guys, and we really understand the difficulty of the job and how to get it done in the best possible way.  

We’re out here in Morgan Creek, Surrey, and we’re [covering a larger surface area] than most. They are in a “cedar or better” subdivision, where they actually had to go to the municipality and fight back and forth to get asphalt shingles approved, because their first cedar roof only lasted them about 16 years. 

Patrick Cowan: Five years ago, I was invited to the clubhouse here at The Carrington to showcase IKO® Armourshake™, and IKO® won it because of the quality, availability pricing, and the determination to have a better shingle put on it than cedar.  

Cody Marr: This is the first one in Morgan Creek that has been converted over to asphalt shingles.  

Patrick Cowan: This project is quite possibly the largest Armourshake™ project in all of North America. It’s 27,500 bundles of Armourshake™ weathered stone, which equates to about 5,500 squares of roofing material. And that’s just in four phases, there’s still another phase to come.  

Cody Marr: Roofmart delivered most of our product to site and had all the product in stock and ready for us to take it as needed, 

IKO® and Roofmart have been great to deal with, I’ve had no issues on this 5,500 square project.  

Patrick Cowan: To have 27,500 bundles installed without a single problem… phenomenal. I was just saying that to the lead hand here today, I was like, “why haven’t you called me?” And he said, “Not a single issue.” And that’s why their getting pizza today.  

Learn more about IKO® Industries in their RoofersCoffeeShop® Directory or visit

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