FlashCo Horizontal Lifeline Systems are an Innovative Look into the Future of Roofing Safety

FlashCo Horizontal Lifeline Systems
May 4, 2023 at 12:00 p.m.

By Anna Lockhart.  

Safety should always be the number-one priority for roofing contractors and their work crew. As FlashCo introduces their new fall protection systems product line, it’s important to remember that safety should always come first when on a roof.  

As FlashCo announced their latest product line created through a new and improved outlook on roofing safety and what it means to properly secure a jobsite area, it’s important to remind building owners that safety is the number-one factor they need to consider when hiring roofing crews for their projects.  

A simple and great safety solution for roofing crews to utilize is the FlashCo horizontal lifeline system, Total Grip. The Total Grip HLL System is an easy-to-install product that can be adapted to any work surface and area. The system can be secured directly to the roof or the structure  whether the surface is created from concrete, metal or any other style of material.  

The Total Grip HLL System is non-invasive because it uses aluminum rivets or roof clamps and an aluminum base plate that only requires a small, 1.63” inch hole for the toggle anchor. Installed using posts made with integrated kinetic absorbers between the ends, the system is sturdy and is easily inspectable or replaced with minimal effects on the roof structure.  

With continuous connection between each plate, this horizontal lifeline system allows users to remain securely connected to the roof at all times, no matter where they are on the roof. This means roofers don’t ever have to disconnect their line gear and reconnect at a different point. From the moment they are on the roof, the roofing team is guaranteed to be securely attached to the roof, leaving no opportunity for accidents to occur while connected. 

This system’s design provides business owners and contractors alike with a sense of peace when it comes to the safety of the roofing crew as they work on the project at hand.  

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About Anna

Anna Lockhart is a content administrator/writer for the Coffee Shops and AskARoofer™. When she’s not working, she’s most likely to be found with her nose in a book or attempting to master a new cookie recipe. 

About FlashCo 

Founded in Sonoma County, California, FlashCo has grown to be one of the largest manufacturers of roof flashings and accessories in North America with seven plant locations in the U.S. For over 20 years, FlashCo has been a trusted source for dependable pre-fabricated accessories for the immediate needs of roofing contractors, distributors, and industry-leading roofing material manufacturers. A reliable partner who delivers quality products with responsive support, FlashCo prides itself in delivering a timely and dependable experience.

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