Contractor Insights: Barbie Copp, Copp Roofing & Construction, Inc.

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April 5, 2023 at 6:00 a.m.

Barbie Copp, owner of Copp Roofing & Construction, Inc., answers homeowners' top questions about roof replacements.

Don’t you wish your best friend were a roofer? Then you’d have someone to give you honest insights when it came time to replace your roof. Consider us your best friend. Our “Contractor Insights” feature brings you down-to-earth responses to key areas of roofing every homeowner should know. This month we’re featuring Barbie Copp, Owner of Copp Roofing & Construction, Inc. in Blue Jay, California. 

Q: What are the top three things homeowners should ask a roofer about when looking for a replacement roof? 

A: Start by asking the roofer how much they know about the specific roofing product they’ll be installing on your roof. Then find out how long their crews have been working for them, and installing this specific brand of product. Find out if they’re certified in installing this specific product or if they’ve received installation instruction from the manufacturer in the product they want to install on your roof. 

Q: Why should homeowners seriously consider composite roofing when looking for a roof? 

A: That’s easy. It’s a “LIFETIME” roof. A composite roof is the last roof a homeowner will ever need to have installed on their home. 

Q: What are your best “homeowner survival tips” for getting through a roofing installation?  

A:  Find a nice place to go on the first day, as the tear-off and removal of the old roof will be the messiest and noisiest day. Don’t be afraid of the trash. If you’re working with a reputable company like ours, your yard will look better in the end than when we first found it! And, as the project progresses, prepare to get excited … you’ll love seeing the transformation take place. 

Q: If there’s storm damage involved to a roof, what tips do you have for a homeowner working with an insurance adjuster? 

A: First of all, don’t panic. Everything is fixable. A house is not made of sugar. Roofers can work with insurance adjusters quite easily. We can usually respond to water damage quickly. For the panicked homeowner, I reassure them that “There’s Always a Copp Around When You Need One!” 

Q: Why has your company chosen to recommend DaVinci composite roofing to your customers? 

A:  Sometimes a home needs an extra little “WOW” to make a statement. The DaVinci products do that. As wood shake roofs are being replaced in our area, DaVinci Shake has the best look for the rustic wood look. DaVinci Slate is all about the charm. I sometimes ask a homeowner, “do you want rustic or charm?” That gets the conversations started, plus they learn that they get to decorate the outside of their home. It’s not just a functional roof, it also has a curb appeal purpose! 

Learn more about DaVinci Roofscapes here.   

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