How to Keep Your Tile Roof Looking Its Best

IKO Keep Your Tile Roof Looking its Best
February 22, 2021

By ICP Building Solutions Group

Periodic cleaning helps your roof maintain its attractive appearance and protect the tiles from cracking and splitting.   

A tile roof can be a thing of beauty—an impressive bit of curb appeal that sets your home or building apart from the neighbors’. 

In order to keep your tile roof looking its best, periodic cleaning is required. This task is often neglected, however, as it can seem both daunting and potentially harmful to your tiles. But cleaning your tile roof is essential maintenance and should typically be performed every other year, preferably by a professional. 

Cleaning not only helps your roof maintain its attractive appearance, but also helps protect the tiles from cracking or splitting. Mold, dirt and moss growth can be especially harmful if they are not washed away every so often—these debris can hold moisture and soften your tiles leading to potential cracking and splitting. Excessive buildup of debris can also impede proper drainage, allowing water to sit on your roof and risk further damage.  

With these important things in mind, here is a good way to clean your tile roof: 

Determine your cleaning method 

The first decision to make when cleaning your tile roof is to determine your method for doing so. 

One common option involves performing a soft pressure wash to remove algae, dust, dirt and other debris. This can be an effective method but has the potential to be overly complex for the DIYer. Pressure washing requires specialized equipment and can damage roof tiles if equipment is not calibrated to the proper pressure settings or if not operated according to best practices. It’s also important for the operator to avoid too much pressure on other parts of the home, like flashing, vents and chimney stacks. For a pressure-washing solution, professional help is often required. 

Another option is to choose a pH-balanced peroxide cleaner, which can effectively penetrate organic buildup of mold and dirt in tile capillaries without causing damage and can be easily washed away with a common garden hose. Available cleaners, like Stain Proof® SMC Peroxide Cleaner, are convenient, ready to use, and highly effective, helping you restore your tile to its original look even following years of neglect. 

How to use a peroxide cleaner 

A peroxide cleaner can be applied with a pump sprayer, a watering can, or a mop and brush. 

First, test your peroxide cleaner on an inconspicuous area of your roof. Once you’ve tested it, saturate the affected tiles, then brush gently with a nylon bristle brush to generate foam. After brushing, reapply a light coat of your peroxide cleaner and let stand for five to 10 minutes. Agitate it with your brush one final time and let stand for another five to 10 minutes. 

After the waiting period, simply wash away any suspended dirt and debris with clean water. The full brightening effects will be seen within 24 hours as the surface dries. A deeply soiled roof may require an additional application to restore the original look, but most tile roofs will look great after one application. 

Selecting an effective peroxide cleaner and following this process can help anyone bring the original look back to their tile roof without the need for specialized pressure-washing equipment or concern about damaging tiles. Regular cleaning can help your roof look its best for the long term. For more information about peroxide cleaners, visit

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