A Sneak Peek into IKO’s Residential Product Line

IKO Residential Product Line
April 30, 2021 at 2:00 P.M.

By Colin Sheehan, RCS Reporter. 

Meet IKO and their selection of residential products and systems in one minute or less. 

Since IKO was founded seventy years ago, the company has grown into one of the world’s largest exporters of asphalt shingles. This worldwide enterprise employs more than 3,500 people and has over 25 manufacturing plants throughout the world that work around the clock to ship roofing products to 96 countries.  

To further support homeowners, IKO created a video series designed to introduce homeowners to their residential roofing products, like the Dynasty® shingle and the Nordic® shingle, among many others. 

In the first video of the series, Dale, an IKO ROOFPRO Contractor who runs Integrity Roofing in the Gulf Coast, describes the Dynasty shingle as a unique shingle that provides homeowners in the Gulf Coast with the design they want and the protection they need.  

“Definitely, since I've been in business, the weather’s worse,” said Dale. “Our big concern is offering a product that is going to withstand conditions that we deal with here on the Gulf Coast.” Dale continued to say that  “one of the critical copmonents is the new ArmourZone which is offered for nailing, hopefully avoiding as much wind-lift as possible since we do get heavy winds and rains...it’s just been a phenomenal product to work with.” 

Mitchell Leet of Leet Sales Reps out of New England also speaks highly of Dynasty and its weather protective qualities. 

“Here in our part of New England, the weather can really fluctuate and be hard on roofing,” said Mitchell. “We have extreme snowfalls in the ski territories [where roofs] have to withstand the snow load, the ice damning, then [roofs] have to completely change extremes and go to hot summers where we see temperatures upwards of 100 degrees...you have to sell a product that’s going to be able to withstand that type of abuse and, for us, [IKO] Dynasty has been a real blessing.” 

The Nordic Shingle is another reputable option that these videos explicate. Brad from Veteran Roofing uses the Nordic Shingle regularly: “They’ve got the Class Four rating for impact assistance, a 130 MPH wind rating, a reinforced nail strip and they’ve got the high-definition colors.” 

All twelve videos in this series interview various contractors from around the globe, each providing input on their experience using IKO residential roofing shingles and other products. You can watch the entire series or visit IKO’s website for more information on their residential roofing options. 

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