Villa’s High-slope Roof Redirects Rainwater Into Reservoir

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January 15, 2022 at 6:00 a.m.

By Evelyn Witterholt. 

This Thailand villa makes a positive impact on the local water supply with its dramatic roof slope.  

The coast of East Bangkok, Thailand has been suffering from excess soil salinity, otherwise known as an increase in salt content of the ground’s soil. To combat water supply shortages, a reservoir was built to bring drinking water to the affected areas. But now even this has been negatively impacted. With TOUCH Architect’s latest project ‘Villa Backyard’ in Chachoengsao, fresh rainwater can be redirected into the environment using the building’s high-slope roof. 

The villa’s sharp and triangular roof sits right above a pond that is in need of fresh water. In regards to the pond, the TOUCH Architect project page states that “this man-made pond was built to be used as consuming water as well as an atmospheric visualization and all relaxation senses...In order to alter this low biodiversity water into freshwater, rainwater is needed to dilute existing water in the pond.” 

The Villa’s shape is meant to look like a cube that has been slashed in half diagonally to create its dramatic roof edge effect. The roof is made of asphalt shingles and features steel grating, making it lightweight and sustainable for any rainfall the structure will encounter. The water-edge side of the roof is cantilevered right over the pond to allow for rainwater to flow straight into the reservoir below. 

On the interior of the villa, there is an open plan living space, making it perfect for a small single family. The water-edge side of the home has a bedroom with a beautiful view of the water below. The steel grating and aluminum trellis of the roof act as shading elements for residents inside. 

Not only does the structure allow for fresh rainwater to be redeposited to the reservoir, but it also keeps the home cool from water evaporation. While the home is compact, it’s great for any small family who wants to live sustainably.  

Project credits 

Architecture: TOUCH Architect 

Civil Engineer: Chittinat Wongmaneeprateep 

Contractor: DWN Builder Co.,Ltd. 

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Photo credit: Anan Naruphantawat

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