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November 9, 2022 at 11:41 a.m.


The power of protection

Actively monitor your rooftop for problems

Water can be devastating to your roof or building. Leaks create major problems as water continually enters the roof. Clogged roof drains can be even worse; the enormous weight of trapped water can lead to catastrophic damage. KnoviSM Monitoring Technology from Tremco Roofing can help you prevent a possible disaster through our SmartDrain™ solutions. Monitoring occurs 24/7, with all data captured in our mobile-friendly roof management system.

Know your roof is protected with Knovi℠ SmartDrain™

Attached to your rooftop drains, SmartDrain sensors send automatic alerts through the SmartGateway™ when they detect rising water levels around your drain. The more water, the bigger the problem; imagine being able to avoid drain disasters before they happen!

24/7 rooftop monitoring 

Our monitoring solutions are fully integrated to provide you with unmatched services, such as:

  •  Quick identification of priorities and support for financial decisions
  •  Easy tracking and management of roofing assets
  •  Round-the-clock accessibility and security
  •  Access to historical data
  •  Unmatched, customizable reporting that includes inspection reports; budget summaries; and work, maintenance and budget recommendations.

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