Chimney Flashing

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January 19, 2024 at 10:37 a.m.


Chris from Massachusetts asked:

I have a friend who had his roof shingled within the last couple of years. It is leaking around the chimney and he is asking my help. I can't see anything obvious. The only thing that seems unusual to me is the lead flashing on the chimney sits on top of the shingles not under them. Is the way it is done? Please help educate me. Thank you.

January 19, 2024 at 10:38 a.m.

Below is what our roofing expert Greg Serevetas from USA General Contractors Corp had to say in response to your question:
It’s not as unusual as you think... But Chris is correct, the Lead should be underneath the shingles in a step flashed install, from the bottom up. (each piece over lapping the lower piece)
I can’t really tell from the 1 picture, if you had a couple more it might help. The problem can be multiple things.
  1.  If there are nails holding the lead down, they could be leaking.
  2. If the caulking at top is not sealed to brick and lead properly, that could be leaking.
  3. The back of the chimney lead is also on top of the shingles, which will allow water underneath and will cause a leak.
The recommended action is to remove the flashing and shingles around the chimney and do a rework with Aluminum Step and Cap/Cover Metal.
See attach picture for an example.
Notice how the metal at the low point of the chimney is the only exposed metal on the roof and there are no nails exposed.
Hope this Helps!

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