Steep-Slope Roofing

PABCO Signature Cut Shingles

Signature Cut Shingles With an Impactful Design

By PABCO. These diamond-shaped shingles offer a completely unique option for your out-of-the-ordinary home. Do you get excited when you pass by a house that looks like it belongs in a fairy tale or a history textbook? Are you always looking for new ways to make your home truly and ...

MRA Weather in Alberta, Canada

Metal Roof Takes on Extreme Weather of Alberta, Canada

By Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA). When an asphalt roof was unable to keep up with the temperature fluctuations, Canadian couple replaced roof with a material as tough as they are. The project Alberta experiences some of the more extreme weather conditions. Located in “hailstorm alley,” during the summer ...

MRA Logo 600x300

MRA Reports Extreme Hot Summer Weather Causing Homeowners to Seek Better Performing Solutions to Keep Cool

Extreme early summer heat waves and threats of another devastating wildfire season this year are sparking a greater awareness among homeowners for the need to better protect their homes. The Metal Roofing Alliance is providing tips and information for choosing roofs designed to help homeowners beat the heat while offering much ...

DaVinci Couple Saves $20,000 With Composite Roofing

Couple Saves $20,000 on a New Roof by Choosing Composite Roofing Materials

By DaVinci Roofscapes. Debbie and Bruce Watley save big by roofing their house with an affordable material that will last longer and is discounted by their insurance company. During their research, Debbie and Bruce Watley discovered replacing their roof with quality real cedar shakes would have cost them $20,000 dollars ...

MRA Prepping Roof for Summer

When it Comes to Preparing for Summer, Experts Say Don’t Ignore Your Home’s Roof

MRA offers simple tips for homeowners to inspect, clean and care for their roof just in time for summer season. If spring is a time of freshness and renewal, why do homeowners often find their roofs looking tired, dirty and worse for the wear this time of year? ...

All Points Tile Tile Identification

Tile Identification Helps You Solve the Puzzle of Finding Matching Replacements

By Cass Jacoby. All Points Tile and Slate provides free tile identification to save you from misidentifying your tile replacements. Whether you are uncertain because you made the choice decades ago or you just moved into a home and have noticed a few missing tiles, identifying the type of ...

CertainTeed Mix and Match Siding

Mix and Match Siding Décor is in Vogue

By CertainTeed. How to design or remodel your home in deep, vibrant color. Unique siding combinations that draw the eye are among the most popular trends of 2021, and moving forward. Eclectic blends of siding colors, designs and textures are the future of exterior style, and give you the perfect ...

SRS TopShield

TopShield® Was Designed With the Homeowner in Mind

By Cass Jacoby. This exclusive brand of premium roofing materials will add value to your next roofing project. Did you know that SRS offers an exclusive brand of premium residential and commercial roofing products including accessories? With a focus on successfully delivering a high-performing roof, TopShield® products are designed ...

MRA New Hampshire Home

Metal Roof Helps New Hampshire Home Achieve Lasting Sophistication

By Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA). The benefits and better design of a metal roof is highlighted with a roof renovation that accentuates the architectural style of this home. The project A harmonious appearance is the number one reason for selecting a metal roof for the homeowners of ...

Polyglass Watertight Underlayments

Watertight Underlayments Are Key to a High-performing Roof

By Cass Jacoby. Polyglass’ Polystick® waterproofing underlayment systems offer you peace of mind that your roof is watertight. Fundamentally, tile roofs are designed to provide you with the highest level of weather protection. While the tile design is certainly important, waterproofing is equally if not more crucial to delivering ...

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