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overlay vs tear out

Q&A – Pros and Cons of Overlay Versus Tear Off

This Washingtonian consulted the experts to understand the advantages and disadvantages of a roof overlay versus a tear off. Sheri, a homeowner in Washington state, had this question for our roofing experts: What are the pros and cons of doing an overlay verses a tear out? (Besides the obvious savings ...


Fall Protection for Roofing Workers

Fall protection doesn’t need to be difficult, and focusing on preventing a fall is important. When working on an exterior home design project there are few areas as dangerous as the roof. When you get multiple workers within a small area, as well as tools and construction materials, and equipment like ...

roof rough shape

7 Signs You Need A New Roof

Roof - Roof Does your dog know something you don’t? How can I tell if I need a roof? There are a few simple signs to look for to tell if you need a new roof or roof repair. Here is a list of the top 10 signs. Obvious leaks or water stains ...

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