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Roofing Tear Off, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The removal of a roof is probably the hardest thing about the roofing process. Tearing off a roof. Many home-owners think it is a simple thing to rent a dumpster, get some buddies together and tear off the roof. This is a great way to save some money – right? The ...

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Tearing Off a Shake Roof

Tearing off a shake roof is a very dirty job. Today we have a few ideas that may help this job go easier for you. Most homeowners that attempt it will use a dumpster. Setting the dumpster as close as you can to the house is the best, so the roofing ...

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Q & A - Tearing off a Roof, The Pro's and Con's

Barbara asked, "Can we lay over a roof that leaks?" "I am the president of a condo association. Our units are now 18 years old and need to be re-roofed. We have a few elderly men in our community who insist that we lay over the existing shingles rather than tear ...

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