Innovative Steep Slope

MFM Building Products ridge seal

Waterproofing Critical Points of a Tile Roof

By Cass Jacoby. This self-adhering hip and ridge tape is designed to prevent costly water damage on clay and concrete roof tiles. MFM Building Products’ RidgeSeal™ was created to eliminate costly mortar applications to hip and ridge areas where rain can enter. By protecting this critical area of the roof, ...

Quarrix StormStop ridge vent

Protect Your Attic From Pests and Poor Weather

By Evelyn Witterholt. StormStop® Ridge Vent from Quarrix offers exceptional protection from moisture caused by snow and rain as well as pesky bugs. The roof on a home is one of the last lines of defense from external forces. Every homeowner wants peace of mind that their roof is keeping any moisture ...

Malarkey Roofing eco offset

How One Roof Can Make a Real Difference

By Malarkey Roofing Products. Malarkey Roofing Products celebrates Acord Roofing for being part of their path to a more sustainable future. Malarkey Roofing Products® knows that each roof counts when it comes to sustainability. Now, after launching the world’s first smog-reducing shingle, Malarkey Roofing celebrates the very real difference a ...

Owens Corning shingle for all seasons

Spotlighting the All-season Shingle

Owens Corning TruDefinition® Duration FLEX® shingle protects roofs in every season. Season after season, homes’ roofs are subject to unpredictable weather conditions, including high winds, storm debris, winter cold and summer heat. With these challenges in mind, Owens Corning offers TruDefinition® Duration FLEX®, a shingle designed to help withstand nature’s elements ...

PABCO Tapered teeth shingle

How the Tapered Teeth Shingle Was Born

By PABCO Roofing Products. Learn the story behind PABCO® Premier asphalt shingles “signature cut.” Homeowners and contractors alike ask us all the time, “Why do PABCO Premier asphalt shingles look so different from other asphalt shingles?” It is true that the tapered teeth on Premier asphalt shingles give them a ...

IKO Weston curb appeal

The Westons are Proving That Curb Appeal is Part of Performance

By Cass Jacoby. Calendar Construction has partnered with IKO to build roofs that bring beauty and performance together. The Westons know that a home is much more than just a house, it’s your safe place. A home is where you relax, where your family is and where your belongings ...

DuPont Tedlar PVF Film metal roofing

The PVF Film That is Revolutionizing Metal Roofing

By Evelyn Witterholt. This groundbreaking new film provides a different kind of protection for metal roofs. Tedlar film on its own is not all that new to the construction industry. Since the 1960s, Tedlar film has been used as protection for a wide variety of substrates, including walls, ...

Texas Traditions GAF solar shingle

Texas Traditions Roofing Completes Installation of the First GAF Solar Shingle Roof in Central Texas

The GAF Timberline Solar Shingle™ has an all-in-one 25-year warranty that covers the product as both a roof and solar product. Texas Traditions Roofing, a family owned, commercial and residential roofing company serving Central Texas, announced that it recently completed the installation of the first GAF Timberline Solar™ roof in Cedar ...

Malarkey Shingles

These Shingles are Anything but Standard

By Cass Jacoby. Malarkey shingles are more than just a shingle, they are made cleaner and greener to protect your home for the long haul. Malarkey shingles go above and beyond, providing a shingle that performs better, protects longer and is more sustainable. Read on to learn about the ...

titebond sealants

What is the Difference Between These Two Sealants?

By Cass Jacoby. Titebond’s® WeatherMaster and DuraMaster are two of the brand’s top-performing sealants. Both are paintable, versatile and VOC-compliant, but other than that, what are their differences? These two sealants, they share one main commonality: high performance. While both products are excellent choices for siding, window and door applications, ...

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