Innovative Steep Slope

Quarrix ProTect Furring Strips

Keep Moisture and Mold Out With ProTect Furring Strips

By Evelyn Witterholt. These durable furring strips are perfect for protecting your home by keeping moisture out of your walls. The last thing any homeowner wants is for their walls to be damaged from mold or excess moisture. One of the best ways to prevent this kind of damage from ...

Quarrix ProTect Drain Mat

Protect Your Home From Leaks and Pests With ProTect Drain Mat

By Evelyn Witterholt. This breathable, moisture resistant drain mat prevents water from damaging your walls. Although rainy weather can be nice from time to time, the potential for leaks and mold in the walls of your home is anything but pleasant. When moisture accumulates in the layers of your walls, ...

MRC Heated Shingle

Prevent Ice Dams From Ever Forming

By Metal Roofing Consultants. These heated metal roof shingles are too hot for ice dams to handle. When something as seemingly innocent as icicles threaten to damage your roof, it is better to prevent ice dams from forming than to try and mitigate the issue. That’s why heated metal ...


3M™ Smog-reducing Granules Harness the Power of the Sun to Improve Air Quality

Enabling asphalt shingles and other residential and commercial granulated roofing materials to become smog-fighting surfaces. At 3M, we use science every day to improve lives and help solve society’s toughest challenges. We like to imagine a world where all communities are safe, healthy and thriving — where increased energy efficiency, reduced ...

Franklin Titebond

Titebond DuraMaster™ is the First Elastomeric Sealant That Provides Full Joint Movement

By Franklin International. Titebond® developed a sealant that can maintain its adhesion while providing 100% joint movement. DuraMaster is the first water-based elastomeric sealant that is resilient enough to maintain its hold even with high amounts of movement. Joining the long list of Titebond’s family of innovative products, DuraMaster can ...

Sashco Through the Roof

All Weather, All the Time

By Colin Sheehan. Seal leaks, waterproof your roof and permanently fix failed repairs with this multi-purpose sealant. Roofs move, deteriorate and accumulate weather damage overtime. From gusty winds, to heavy snow, sleeting rain and hot temperatures, your roof is always facing potential threats to its integrity. Most roof caulks will ...

IB Roof DeckShield

Enhance Your Deck's Appearance and Safety With DeckShield™

This premium vinyl deck membrane eliminates painting and staining and complies with ADA requirements. IB Roof Systems’ DeckShield™ is the proven, dual-ply waterproofing system specifically designed for residential and commercial exterior walkways, patios, decks and more. It is skid-resistant, and with little maintenance, performs and looks great for many years ...

Pabco Roofing Products

Roofing Shingles from PABCO Roofing Products Designed for Varied Climates of Western U.S.

PABCO shingles match high quality with superior aesthetics, industry-leading warranty. Proving not all roofing requirements are the same, PABCO Roofing manufactures a broad line of asphalt shingles to meet the unique needs of homeowners throughout the Western U.S. From the ultra-wet Pacific Northwest, to the arid climates of West Texas, PABCO ...


Restore Your Roof With EVER-SILIC® HS

By Colin Sheehan. Cool your building or home, extend the lifespan of your current roofing system and protect your property from anything Mother Nature throws at it. EVER-SILIC HS is a single-component pure elastomeric silicone coating system that protects roofing systems from harmful UV sunlight, provides superior weatherproofing and ...

SRS TopShield

TopShield® Was Designed With the Homeowner in Mind

By Cass Jacoby. This exclusive brand of premium roofing materials will add value to your next roofing project. Did you know that SRS offers an exclusive brand of premium residential and commercial roofing products including accessories? With a focus on successfully delivering a high-performing roof, TopShield® products are designed ...

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