Choosing Low Maintenance Composite Roofing

DaVinci Low Maintenance roofing
July 11, 2023 at 6:00 a.m.

By DaVinci Roofscapes.

Learn how this couple managed to get a roof that required little maintenance.

Three roofs was the limit for Dale and Gloria Daniels. Between regular maintenance, hail and storms, they were fed up with replacing their roof every few years.  

“This is the third roof on our home in 22 years, and I’m planning on it being the last,” says Dale Daniels. “Mother Nature is cruel in the Midwest. After the most recent storm I looked around. One of the few homes that did not require roof replacement was our next door neighbor. He has DaVinci shingles. It was a no-brainer for me.” 

Roof envy 

For Dale and Gloria Daniels, it was simply a matter of roof envy. They wanted what their neighbors had. Low-care roof maintenance. Peace of mind during hail storms. The ability to forget their insurance agent’s phone number. In short, they wanted a DaVinci composite shake roof. 

Built in 2000 with real cedar shingles, their Norman, Oklahoma home required a new roof in 2009 after severe storm damage. They had previously installed 1.5-inch thick cedar shakes. As thick as they were, Mother Nature spared very few shakes in a recent storm. Most were cracked or “had the appearance of leftovers at a smorgasbord from a convention for beavers,” according to Daniels. 

Choosing composite roofing 

For the Daniels family, the challenge is that they love the look of shake on their French traditional style home. However, they were not willing to put yet another real cedar shake roof on their house. 

The homeowners did their research to assure themselves that DaVinci roofing would be the perfect fit for their home. They wanted to make certain the composite roofing could withstand any type of weather, including nasty Oklahoma hail, wind and fire conditions. Above all, they wanted the roof to be easy to maintain and retain its beautiful appearance. 

“I spoke with Victor Maya with Advantage Roofing,” says Daniels. “His personal reputation in the roofing business is outstanding. So when he sang the praises of the DaVinci brand, that really made a solid impression on us.” 

Maya quickly assured the Daniels family they were on the right track. To capture the look the family was seeking, the roofer recommended DaVinci Multi-Width Shake tiles in a Black Oak color. “This roofing tile gives the authentic appearance of wood shake with a time-worn color that we love,” says Daniels. 

A roof for life 

While the roof was being installed, Daniels put his 54 years of experience in the retail industry to good use. 

“We had many people slow down to linger and look at the roof,” says Daniels. “Others stopped and came right over to ask questions. Some walkers came over to talk about the roofing brand, the tiles themselves and the installation technique. It very much felt like I was a sales person for the roofing company at times!” 

With the roofing project now complete, Daniels reflects back and believes that the DaVinci tiles and the quality of the installation have increased the value of his home. But it’s not for sale. 

“We love the peace of mind that the DaVinci warranty gives us,” says Daniels. “We’re so happy we won’t have to experience another reroof due to our Oklahoma weather. Probably the only folks who are more excited about DaVinci’s Lifetime Limited Material Warranty than me would be my insurance company! 

“Not always in life do you make the right decisions. However, I feel we did when we selected both DaVinci Roofscapes and Advantage Roofing.” 

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