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Solar panels

Solar panels convert sunlight into energy and are an energy-efficient solution for homeowners and building owners who want to not only save money, but save the planet too by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  Oftentimes contractors will refer to the systems that are attached to the roof as a solar array - a collection of multiple solar panels.  When these are installed, they are attached to stanchions so the panels lay above the roof.  Solar panels can be installed on steep-slope or low-slope roofs.

CertainTeed - solar panels

Solar shingles and tiles

Solar tiles and shingles are small solar panels that are like traditional roofing materials in their appearance and functionality, but these are able to generate electricity.  Instead of laying above the roof, these shingles and tiles can be installed with a new or existing roof without the stanchions and racks, creating a more streamlined look.  These provide a renewable energy solution for homeowners.

CertainTeed - solar tiles and shingles

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