Youth Center is Gifted New Roof

RCS New Roof for Youth Center
October 1, 2022 at 6:00 a.m.

By Cass Jacoby. 

Local roofing company steps up to replace the West Alice Youth Center’s leaking roof. 

The West Alice Youth Center has long served the community of Rancho Alegre, providing a youth program for over 16 years that has provided a safe place where kids can be kids. It can be hard to deliver on the promise of a safe and clean place for kids though, when a roof is leaking over their heads.  

For the past two years, the center’s roof has needed to be repaired. “It was too expensive to replace it,” president of the youth center Roman Gonzalez tells the Alice Echo News Journal . “We had tried to find someone to help us with the cost, but that didn’t happen.” 

When this news spread to the Senior Project Manager of Raging Bull Inc., Paul Rueda he knew he had to do something.  “We heard about the youth center’s roof problem and decided to help,” Paul told Magasin De Chaussures. “I contacted Elastek who is one of our roofing material suppliers and they donated all the cladding material to us to repair the roof.” 

Elastek extended the life of the roof and touched the lives of the future generation at the West Alice Youth Center, helping them provide another summer of fun and safety for the kids.  

“Sometimes it takes someone like Rueda and his company, Raging Bull Inc., to step in and make a big difference for an organization like ours that is limited on funds,” Roman says. “Without his help, we would still be forced to place bins inside the building every time it rained.” 

Now that repairs have been done, the youth center doesn’t have to worry about heavy rains and can continue to provide its programming for the community. 

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Photo credit: Alice Echo News Journal 

About Cass  

Cass works as a reporter/writer for RoofersCoffeeShop, AskARoofer and MetalCoffeeShop. When she isn’t writing about roofs, she is putting her Master degree to work writing about movies and dancing with her plants.

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