Why Rail-less Solar is the PV Solution You’ve Been Hunting for

S-5! PVKit
July 6, 2022 at 6:00 a.m.

By Cass Jacoby.

Learn why more and more homeowners are switching to rail-less solar mounting.

Looking for a sleeker, more discreet way to attach solar panels to your metal roof? Researching solar solutions that won’t require a reroof? Perhaps you are simply looking to find a low-maintenance and durable way to be a little more sustainable. Finding the holy grail of solar technology, where you don’t need to sacrifice curb appeal or shell out thousands for a new roof can be difficult. We know as homeowners the equal importance of finding a sustainable, economically and aesthetically pleasing rooftop solar solution, but is that too much to ask for?

No, it’s not! At least, not with the PVKIT® from S-5!; a simple, well-engineered and secure solar attachment solution, specifically designed for the metal roof. Using hardware to secure each module directly to the roof, this new strategy lets you completely bypass the need for rails when mounting solar panels on your metal roof. That’s right, you don’t need any rails to weigh down your roof.

After all, there are already inherent rails on a metal roof — the seams on a standing seam roof and trapezoidal ribs or corrugations, on an exposed-fastened roof all work just as well as rails to mount rooftop solar. One big difference is that inherent rails on metal roofs are cost-free. According to S-5!, rail-less solutions save the homeowner the unnecessary redundancy and cost of rails by leveraging the roof's existing construction.

Metal roofs are a popular choice because of their durability, often lasting up to 60 years or more, so it makes sense that any roofing attachment needs to match the longevity of the roof. The beauty of the PVKIT is that it both maximizes the usable surface area of the roof and reduces the collateral load. The non-penetrating system does not compromise the roof integrity and eliminates the risk of voided roof manufacturer warranties – no holes/no damage. When you pair a rail-less solution like the direct-attach PVKIT with a non-penetrating S-5! clamp on a standing seam roof, you get the added benefit of a penetration-free mounting system designed to protect your roof’s warranty and integrity.

It is simple; you use fewer components when you go rail-less and these products tend to be much lighter, which reduces the loads to the building structure. And since the rail-less solar mount sports a sleeker low-profile you can be sure that you are letting the beauty of the metal roof shine.

Plus, with rail-less systems you can rid yourself of the logistical nightmare of railed systems. Shipping, storage and transport alone become far simpler and less expensive when a rail-less system is chosen. Because rail-less attachments are 15 percent of the weight of other solar racking systems, you save more than 60 percent in shipping costs. And thanks to the streamlined system and pre-assembled parts of the rail-less solution, you can expect an expedient and smooth installation process.

Lastly, we know that when you want to go green, you want an overall more sustainable roof — which includes the installation and manufacturing process. A huge advantage of the PVKIT is its inherent sustainability.  Because it consists of 85% less material than other rail-based systems, there are far fewer carbon emissions in the manufacturing process. Production of this system saves an estimated 90% of the energy used to produce rail mountings and 85% of carbon emissions in transportation. And it’s also made from recyclable materials, including aluminum and stainless metal (two of the most recycled materials on earth), which are manufactured using energy-efficient processes.


With an easy, smooth and efficient installation of a product that promises to safeguard durability, warranties and aesthetic of the roof, it is no wonder why homeowners are turning to rail-less solar mounting on metal roofing.

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