What is an OGEE Gutter?

OGEE gutters
May 5, 2015 at 12:00 a.m.

Learn more about OGEE gutters, how they're formed and the best applications for them. 

I was talking to Mr. Evans from Legacy Seamless Rain Gutters a few weeks ago and he uses the term K Gutters, whereas last week Mr. DeLamorten from First Choice Gutters calls the same profile rain gutter OGEE.

The term OGEE is what I have always used but from time to time heard the term K Gutters. OGEE has roots in the design of a fancy crown molding for the inside of a home. You knew that wood trim set at an angle between the ceiling and the wall. The OGEE Gutter can be 3-6 inches deep but typically all will have a shape on the front profile.

In years past it was common to use a trough made of wood and line the inside with copper or lead and the face had these multiples of beautiful OGEE design. It took a true craftsman to build this part of the house. Carpenters and Roofers working together not only could make a rain collection system but it was hidden from the ground, looking to be a part of the overlay. To simplify the gutter trough system these later where separate metal gutters hanging from straps, or ferrules and spikes.

OGEE Gutters are perfect for soffits or historic buildings

Seamless gutters are formed on the job site. The steel or aluminum rain gutters come in a variety of colored finishes. White is a favorite color. The gutter machine forms the gutters and can be cut at any length, thus the name seamless. Most gutter contractors limit the length to less than seventy feet because of expansion and contraction issues and handling the long length. In some historic cities, the building departments sometimes require this type of gutter to simulate the older look of the buildings. If you live in the Fair Oaks or the greater Sacramento, CA area, please give Jesse a call from First Choice Gutters. Having brand new seamless gutters gives your house the facelift it needs.

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