Vicwest Offers Aesthetically Pleasing and Environmentally Friendly Metal Solutions

Vicwest Metal Solutions
May 13, 2023 at 6:00 a.m.

By Anna Lockhart.  

The Canadian company, Vicwest, is bringing a sustainable and eco-conscious outlook on metal products to the United States market.  

In recent years it has become increasingly important to building owners that the building materials and brands they use are sustainable and consciously aware of the impact their products have on the surrounding environment. In this week’s episode of the MetalCast podcast, Heidi J. Ellsworth sat down with the Marketing Director of Vicwest Geoff Bernstein, to discuss the brand’s plans to introduce their product offerings to the United States market and establish a relationship with the country’s metal industry and eco-conscious building owners.  

Since 1930, Vicwest has been manufacturing and engineering metal solutions for the Canadian metal industry, creating quality materials for metal roofing and wall systems. The company is dedicated to being ecologically conscious in producing materials and finding ways to make metal the most sustainable option for users as well as looking for ways to help educate homeowners and business owners on the sustainability of their products. By taking steps to reduce their energy use and waste, Vicwest has made a name for itself as a great option for building owners looking for an eco-friendly material source.  

As of early 2020, Vicwest has extended their residential product lines to the U.S. market and hopes to continue to expand. While the emergence of COVID at that time made their debut a bit of a challenge, the recent return to normalcy in the market is allowing Vicwest another opportunity to reintroduce their products now that things are looking up on the market.  

Geoff explained, “They want a quality product and certainly, the homeowners who are going to take the time to learn about the features, learn about the benefits, and learn about why a metal roof is such a great investment, are going to be looking for contractors who align with their values, and looking for manufacturers who can provide a high performing product.” Building owners and contractors can once again take the time to learn about products and find the best solution, which is what Vicwest hopes to offer them. “Vicwest has a product portfolio that will help any contractor differentiate their business, certainly from asphalt roofers, but also guys who are already very involved with metal and traditional roll formed panels. We've got a roofing tile which installs like asphalt, but of course, has the features and benefits of metal. So, it’s kind of a really great time to reintroduce the product line and the brand into the U.S. markets,” Geoff shared. 

As Americans continue to look for quality products, more and more building owners are starting to think about sustainable and energy-saving options as the climate warms. In areas of the United States with extreme climates and weather conditions, such as Florida, buyers are wanting solutions that will both last a long time while also being resistant to weather damage and less of a hassle to clean. By introducing a strong line of residential products, Vicwest is not only providing such solutions, but they are doing it aesthetically as well with their True Nature Metal Roofing line.  

“True Nature Metal Roofing is a metal roof tile. We have three different profiles. We have Cedar Creek Shake, Northridge Slate and Coastal Wave,” Geoff explained. “In terms of performance, True Nature is among the most tested and most certified products in North America. So, we have CCMC testing here in Canada, which is a rigorous standard to obtain. We've got the Texas Board of Insurance certifications, Florida building code, and we also have Miami-Dade code pending.” 

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