This Tile is Light on the Roof and Heavy on Protection

Quarrix Composite Roofing System
September 27, 2022 at 6:00 a.m.

By Cass Jacoby.  

Quarrix’s composite tile roofing system is designed to deliver a beautiful roof without any of the structural issues that come with traditional tile. 

As a homeowner, you are often faced with an ultimatum when it comes to clay and concrete tiles — the tiles are beautiful, but very heavy, so structural modifications need to happen to hold the weight of the tile. However, with Quarrix’s new Composite Roofing  you can have your cake and eat it too.  

Now it is possible to obtain the look of clay and concrete tiles without the weight that comes with them.  Quarrix’s Composite Roofing Tiles weigh 67% less than traditional materials and do not crack or break. Plus, unlike standard clay and concrete materials, they are resistant to mold, moss and algae build-up. 

Since a roof is built from the bottom up, the foundation is the key to the success of the roof. With a complete system of tile components, Quarrix helps provide the foundational support composite tile roofs need to protect against aging and fail points caused by poor air-circulation, water drainage, mortar joints and challenging roof angles. 

Quarrix’s roof system includes: 

  • DryRoof Roof Batten. This is installed on the roof deck and elevates the tile to create proper drainage and ventilation. Quarrix DryRoof Roof Batten is made of UV-resistant, corrugated, HDPE plastic material that is 100% resistant to moisture, allowing it to withstand years of rain, snow and ice buildup.  

  • Lower Metal Eave Closures. These steel closures are pressure fitted pieces that snap into the ends of Quarrix tiles located on any eave edge and fill what would otherwise be a visible void along the lower roof edge.  

  • Universal Tile Flashing. This is an all-in-one rollable tile flashing that can be used as a primary flashing, a counter flashing, or in combination with bent metal flashings. A fully adhered, expandable aluminum flashing provides a weathertight seal, and the expandable nature of the roll flashing allows it to contour to complex shapes with no specialty tools needed.   

  • Universal Tile Ridge Vent. This helps with attic ventilation and airflow to help achieve a cool roof system.  

  • Hip/Ridge/Rake Tile. This product helps to complete the tile aesthetic.  

  • Tile Fasteners. These heavy duty, corrosion-resistant tile roofing screws are specially engineered and recommended for securing composite roof tile to the roof deck.  

Quarrix understands that a roof is an investment, which is why its innovations are designed to provide superior long-term performance and lasting beauty. With Quarrix’s Composite Roofing Tiles and roof system you get more than just a beautiful and strong roof, you’ll enjoy peace of mind and the best of both worlds for your home.  

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