All Points From the Beginning

All points Tile From the Beginning
May 24, 2021 at 6:00 a.m.

By Cass Jacoby, RCS Reporter. 

All Points seeks to include you in their story by inviting you to share their passion and join their legacy with a tile roof of your own. 

January 1979, Penn Marshall joined an established contractor in the Central Florida roofing industry as an operations manager. It was there he first saw clay tile roofing, and it was love at first sight. Penn loved how resilient and versatile clay tile is, in addition to the historical and beautiful characteristics of the roof material. As a roofer, he admired how clay roofs are not only fireproof, but can withstand most weather extremes and age while maintaining their color. Thus, the history of extensive use of clay tiles in distinctive architecture in regions across Europe. He became passionate about building a company that was knowledgeable and skilled when it came to clay roof tiles, offering tile roofs across the United States. 

Today, that same fascination with clay tile roofing is mirrored in All Points, the manifestation of Penn’s dream building company. Connecting America to a world where clay tile options are central to the identity of the company. The name, All Points Tile and Slate, Inc., and logo (the compass rose) was envisioned alongside creating a company that can provide tiles from around the world to America. All Points carries roof tiles across the world from Spain, Australia, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Nicaragua, France, Columbia, Argentina, United States, Italy and beyond. 

Coming in a plethora of styles like Mission Barrel, Flemish, Spanish, French, Shake and Slate styles, clay tile roofs offer an unlimited number of fashionable home exterior choices. Equally various, the styles for the surface of clay tiles are available in every color you can imagine, with sheens from super gloss to satin matte. All Points’s inventory includes a myriad of new and “vintage” concrete and clay tile, organized for optimal convenience and access in their Boneyard. All Points is dedicated to being environmentally friendly, and even offers clay roof tiles that are energy efficient, capable of superb insulation for warm and cold climates. 

All Points, Inc.’s knowledgeable staff are able to identify hundreds of different tiles and can assist in selecting new roof tiles or locating a specific tile for repairs. The enthusiasm shown by their founder lives on as All Points continues to expand product knowledge, product lines and networks of manufacturers. Paired with a huge network of roofing professionals across the United States, All Points offers superior product and expert guidance to the homeowner. 

All Points allows a homeowner to see what a roof will look like when complete and offers custom roofing blends to perfectly match your home. As masters of tile roofs, they are passionate about sharing their love of tile roofs with you, striving to make their roofs last longer than the oldest known clay roof (5,000 years old!) delivering beautiful high-quality tiles from around the world to your roof. 

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