The Power of Aerial Data for Commercial Roofing

Imagine Optelos System
November 28, 2021 at 6:00 a.m.

By Imagine Technologies Group. 

Learn more about the Optelos program and how it can save you money and time.  

Aerial imaging has already started to revolutionize the roofing industry, providing measurable models and maps from photogrammetry and making estimates for contractors easy.  As a commercial building owner, you might wonder how you benefit from this technology. While aerial imaging is not only helpful to roofers, it can help the building owner visualize new opportunities, decrease jobsite visits, reduce costs, improve the safety and planning of complex roofs.  Read on to learn about how integrating visual data with existing rooftop data can help digitally transform the way rooftop assessments/takeoffs are performed, delivering even greater long-term results. 

Optelos’ Enterprise Asset Advisor™ SaaS platform, provides the capability necessary to transform assessments /takeoffs through the power of visual data and GPS. This program goes beyond the imagery to deliver real results, including reduced inspection cost, and improved safety and reliability. With Optelos you can: 

  • Easily manage all visual data across the organization improving collaboration and trouble resolution. 

  • Create highly accurate Reality Models for remote asset analysis. 

  • Use the built-in measurement and analytics of collected asset data to easily identify issues or changes over time. 

  • Have richer analysis through data aggregation combining visual data and details, reports and IoT data. 

  • Access location intelligence (LI) from GPS information in phones, tablets, cameras, or drones. 

  • Have a wide range of user types and easily integrate with existing systems. 

  • Benefit from robust data management and collaboration. Eliminate data silos and share critical asset data. Securely collaborate at multiple privilege levels, providing all stakeholders /employees with the access they need. 

Through better utilization of visual data significant improvements and cost savings are possible. 

Digital transformation of roof estimates and takeoff processes.  

  • Significantly reduce inspection cost and time by using highly accurate Reality models to perform remote measurements, site familiarization and collaboration. 

  • Utilize visual data and 2D/3D models to analyze roof conditions, changes over time of projects/ roofs and evaluate safety.  

  • Enable true collaboration from the office to the field.  

Utilize LI to streamline inspection of roof components, identify degradation issues, and changes over time. 

  • Through the use of location intelligence find exactly where that issue, core, or measurement was taken.  

  • No more struggling for that one photo or issue, because now you have Automated Geospatial Awareness through location. 

 Intelligence Roof Lifecycle data and management.

  • Utilize aerial data and photogrammetry to view changes over time or side-by-side comparison. 

  • Utilize visual data, Reality Models, and data storage/analysis to achieve higher accuracy. 

  • Early detection and issue avoidance can lead to money saved for our clients. 

 Utilize Therma Data to identify asset fatigue and pending failures

  • Compare thermal and RGB imagery or video to identify fatigue or moisture conditions at a component level. 

  • Detect moisture concerns with the whole picture in mind without needing to walk a roof at night.  

  • Identify possible deck or system issues with non-destructive means. 

Why Optelos?  

Optelos is leading the way companies think about Enterprise Asset Inspection and Management. We believe companies should have a 'single pane of glass' view to their assets and be able to correlate all associated data for a given asset in one place, including the most current, real-world visual data. Only in this way can visual, engineering, IoT and other types of asset data be geolocated to reduce operating cost, improve maintenance, compliance and safety and deliver millions in savings. 

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