FARR Manufacturer Committed to Advancing the Roofing Industry by Volunteering Technical Expertise

November 3, 2022 at 2:43 p.m.

Western Colloid’s general manager lends technical expertise to three prominent roofing industry groups.

Western Colloid is a pioneer in asphalt emulsion and reflective elastomeric roof coating systems and is committed to the continued improvement of the industry’s codes and standards. Hal Arthur Leland, general manager for the company’s northern California and Pacific Rim areas plays a key role in Western Colloid’s commitment to the industry. On behalf of Western Colloid, Leland lends his technical expertise as a voting member at ASTM, as co-chair of the Codes and Standards Task Force for the Roof Coatings Manufacturer Association (RCMA), and as a voting member on the Technical Committee for the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC).

RoofersCoffeeShop writer and editor Karen Edwards caught up with Hal after a recent successful CRRC Technical Committee meeting in Nashville to learn more about these organizations and his contribution to them.

Q: Why did you get involved with the CRRC?

A: To further the development of our products and systems as well as help stay on top of credible energy performance rating systems for all roofing products, and to support research in this arena while providing education and impartial support to owners searching for best options to save energy.

As a reflective coatings, and systems manufacturer, if there are ratings, codes, methods or standards being evaluated, I want to be involved. In this specific setting (voting member CRRC Technical Committee), I can provide feedback and information in a non-biased manner, we vote as a consensus group and our recommendations are presented to the CRRC Board of Directors for implementation.

Q: How does a product earn a CRRC rating?

A: The primary focus of the CRRC allows manufacturers to label their reflective roof products with radiative property values (reflectivity/ emissivity) rated under our exacting programs, this provides code enforcement, architects, owners and specifiers a reliable resource to draw information from.

Q: What is your role at ASTM and how does it relate to your participation in CRRC?

A: ASTM is a consensus standards organization; it is composed of individuals whom wish to further the understanding and development of methodology, specifications, and standards for a particular technical issue or discipline. Roofing ASTM D-08 includes raw material manufacturers, roofing material manufacturers, contractors, specifiers, consultants, architects, testing labs, code officials, insurance companies, and other involved individuals. Testing procedures used to rate products @ the CRRC are all developed at ASTM.

All voting members have one equal voice at this table (ASTM); Western Colloid is an active member.

Q: How does your involvement with ASTM and CRRC help in your role as co-chair of the Codes and Standards Task Force for RCMA?

A: As co-chair of this Task Force, my job is to ensure that our members are aware of everything that is happening around us in the world of codes and standards from Washington DC, to your local Building Department. Because many codes and standards activities start with organizations I work with like ASTM, CRRC, California Energy Commission, ANSI, SCAQMD and various energy providers I have a better, stronger understanding and am able to help keep RCMA members well informed.

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