The Finishing Touch on This Dream House is a Gorgeous Composite Roof

Quarrix Finishing Touch
August 14, 2021 at 6:00 a.m.

By Quarrix.  

Couple builds dream Bed and Breakfast on the island of Kauai with Quarrix Composite Roofing. 

Thirty years ago, when Mike and Susan honeymooned on the island of Kauai, they made a promise to each other that they would move to the island permanently and build their dream house in the stunning scenery. 

They concocted a business plan to open a Bed & Breakfast on the island that would help support their retirement and the building of their dream home. Ambitiously, they set out to build several little villas that would serve as rentable properties to vacationers on the island.  

Mike and Susan have a picturesque location that makes their home the perfect spot for this dream to come true, however, the sun and sea spray had negatively impacted the tile profile and color that Susan had picked for the roof.  
The couple worked with local draftsman, Donivan Konno, to incorporate their ideas into the design of the homes. They desired to have an Asian flair to the home and thought the roof would be the best way to add the Asian touches they wanted.  

The color was selected because Susan thought the green tile color would be a beautiful backdrop against the mountains and view. She was right! The Quarrix composite roof made the home fit right in to the island style of Kauai.  

Susan says that she is very pleased with her decision to choose composite roof tile.  Being her dream home and business, she did a lot of research in comparing clay tiles, ceramic tiles, concrete tiles and composite tiles to one another to understand their pros and cons.  

In the end, she decided the durability of composite roofing over the other roofing choices was the best decision for her home. She said the biggest surprise to her was how much the roofers that installed her tile loved the product. The roofers loved how lightweight the tile was, and that they could walk on the roof without worrying about breaking the tile. 
Susan put a lot of heart and energy into building her dream home. Her goal was to offer up a place where guests would feel refreshed and renewed while on holiday in Kauai. I think she far succeed her goal. 

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Original article source: Quarrix

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