Tallahassee Roofing Company Installs New Roof at no Cost to Navy Veteran

RCS Tallahassee Caught Doing Good
September 18, 2023 at 6:00 a.m.

By Dani Sheehan. 

After a coworker reaches out on his behalf, this Navy veteran can keep his family safe with a new roof from Owen Corning’s Roof Deployment Project. 

Saving up over the last several years, Josh Kish, a Navy veteran in Tallahassee, Florida, received a new roof at no cost thanks to the generosity of Purple Heart Homes and Tadlock Roofing. With inflation at an all-time high, he had struggled to save enough money to repair the roof despite constant leaks inside the home. Leaning on Owen Corning’s Roof Deployment Project to cover the cost, Tallahassee’s Tadlock Roofing stepped in to carry out the labor.  

During an interview with WFSU News, Thomas Catalano, the local branch manager for Tadlock Roofing, said, “Unfortunately the roof was already leaking so it was already showing signs of system failure...We have another hurricane like we did with Michael or any other hurricanes that have hit the panhandle; and the roof would have very likely failed, and it would have been a catastrophic loss.” Having wrapped up the project in June, the new system will meet this year’s hurricane season with 130 mph wind resistant shielding. 

Wanting to keep his children safe, Josh was overwhelmed by this kindness. He explains, “Serving in the military you know, you always want to fight for everything. I appreciate what they have given us and support for veterans and it just means so much to us.” He can now use the money for the roof repair toward his children’s education. 

Community is a big part of Tadlock Roofing’s missions. Through the Owens Corning Roof Deployment Project, this local roofing company adds to helping over 450 veterans who have received new roofs since 2016. It is their mission to give back to those individuals and families who have given so much. 

Photo source: WFSU 

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